10 January 2024

The second Kim Kwang-hyun to Hanwha… No. 29, Super Rookie who has nothing to change, “I have to challenge the rookie king.”

By pestfood.com

“I wanted to put it on because it was a good number.”

The uniform number of Hwang Jun-seo, 19, the No. 1 rookie in the KBO League in 2024, has been decided. It is the number 29, which suits a left-hander. A representative player who uses No. 29 in the KBO League is Kim Kwang-hyun, 36, who is currently the best left-hander in Korea. This shows how high the Hanwha Eagles has on Hwang.

Hwang, who stood out early enough to join the youth national team since his second year of Jangchung High School, continued his robust growth by pushing up his maximum speed to 150 kilometers in April last year when he became a third grader. He is 187 centimeters tall with a skinny and long body, cheerful kick and high RBI, all in various ways, similar to Kim Kwang-hyun’s.

In his second year of high school, Hwang pointed out Kim Kwang-hyun as his role model, expressing awe, saying, “His pitching form is really dynamic. I feel inexplicable when I see him throwing on the mound.”

Hwang Joon-seo, who used his uniform number 15 when he was a third grader, received the 29th number as if he were destined to do so in the pro league. “Kim Kwang-hyun was a senior and I wanted to put it on because it was a good number,” he said. “I wrote the 29th number as the top priority when I was investigating the number that the club wanted, but luckily, it remained.” When Park Joon-young, the right-hander who used the 29th number, joined the military last year, the number was empty, and Hwang Joon-seo became the new owner.

As he is the No. 1 overall pick, he was impressed early on by Hanwha’s coaching staff at the finishing camp in Miyazaki, Japan last year. “He has stable pitching capability and looks like he has good breaking ball, too. He fully deserves to compete with other starters.” He has been fiercely competing with each other since the spring camp in Melbourne, Australia in February. Hwang has merit in that he is a left-hander who is lacking in his team.

“As the No. 1 player overall, he has good capabilities. There is nothing special to tell him yet. As long as he is not faced with a problem, I want him to continue as he is now,” Hanwha Eagles pitching coach Park Seung-min said. “My priority is to build a body that can play 144 games more than any other mechanism,” he said. “I can compete for starters if I can supplement my physical strength and have a stamina that can throw every week.”

Having shown off his smooth pitching balance and ball control since his high school years, Hwang is highly qualified to be a professional level as well. Technically, he has not much to change. Chung Woo-ram, a left-hander who had the best pitching balance and ball control, also saw Hwang at the Seosan Rookie Camp recently, and said, “Everything looks okay when throwing. I just need to gain weight. Just gain weight.”

According to his profile, he weighs 80 kilograms but does not seem to weigh much considering his height. Hwang, who started to gain weight by eating not only breakfast, lunch and dinner provided in Seosan but also late night snacks, is often told by people he has grown taller. “I don’t know because I haven’t measured my height, but I think I have grown a little bit. I wish I could grow by two to three centimeters. Then, I will have a high RBI when pitching,” he said.

“I don’t throw strongly, but throw as much as 60 percent,” Hwang said, who started pitching at the Seosan camp. “I’ve been practicing sliders that I didn’t like last year. I haven’t been listed yet. If I do, I will prepare for this season by making good speed and physical strength.” 마카오카지노

“Yes, I have to challenge,” Hwang said with a smile. “We don’t know who will be our rivals. We don’t know who will be our competitors. I will work hard so that I can get the prize if anyone competes,” Hwang said, expressing his strong commitment. “My goal is to get in the first place first.”