10 January 2024

“Am I leaving?” The tears of shock are over for a moment, and the team that I thought was scary is over

By pestfood.com

“It was my first time feeling it.”

Leaving a friendly team and moving to a new team is not as easy as people think. It can be a happy breakup if you leave after being treated well by an FA contract, but trade, compensation players, and second draft picks can cause shockwaves through unexpected breakup.

Park Dae-won, a catcher who now wears the SSG Landers uniform, did the same. He is from Seoul who graduated from Seoul Lee Soo-joong and Hwimung High School, but was drafted by the NC Dinos in the 2014 rookie draft and started his career in Changwon. He spent 10 years as an NC player until last year.

After the second draft was revived, I had expected that I might have to change teams, but once it became a reality, I was also disappointed. “I felt this for the first time after hearing the news. The first hour or so was very difficult. Breaking up with friendly players. But I chose it based on which part of me I chose it, and I decided to think about what I should prepare,” Park said with a smile.

Park Dae-on was an “insider” at the NC Dinosaurs due to his cheerful personality and adaptability. “I’m unnecessarily positive,” he said. “I just need to use that energy, but I like to share it. If I give something good to this team, it will have a better effect. I got scolded a lot because I always laughed.”

Since he wore NC’s uniform for a long time, he often called NC our team until recently. The image of SSG from the outside is said to have been “scary.” “From the outside, I saw a lot of veteran players, so the atmosphere was a bit heavy and scary. But when I came in, they all took good care of me,” Park said.

They have already settled in. They have become friends quickly, just like players at the SSG. They have become friends every morning with players who exercise around the same time as Park Sung-han, Han Doo-sol, Choi Min-joon and Park Jong-hoon.

SSG selected Park Dae-on as the fifth overall pick in the first round of the second draft. SSG, which has strengthened only two catchers, can be a land of opportunity for catchers. Veteran Lee Jae-won has left the team, and a contract with FA Kim Min-sik has yet to be signed. There are promising players Cho Hyung-woo and another veteran Lee Heung-ryeon, but new catchers such as Park Dae-on and Shin Bum-soo can also challenge the competition. 랭크카지노

Park Dae-on said, “SSG has a weak catcher, so I don’t think I’ll play more games. However, since the environment has changed, I’m excited to start anew in a new environment, and I think it’s a good opportunity for me in that sense,” adding, “Adaptation seems to be a priority. I haven’t been able to go to the field officially wearing SSG uniforms yet, so I want to wear them quickly and feel our team,” expressing hopeful determination for the new season in the new team.