6 January 2024

Gangwon, Chungnam Asan Key MF Kim Kang-guk Recruitment Countdown… Fill the midfield hole

By pestfood.com

Gangwon FC, which barely remained in the K League 1 last year, will recruit midfielder Kim Kang-guk from Chungnam Asan.

According to a transfer market official on the 5th, Gangwon decided to bring in Kim Kang-guk to reinforce the midfield and almost complete the related process.

Kim Kang-guk, who made his professional debut in Incheon in 2019, moved to Chungnam Asan in the K League 2 the following year and played a key midfielder. 헤라카지노도메인

He has excellent attack point production capabilities, scoring two goals and four assists in 31 games in 2021, five goals and three assists in 36 games in 2022, and three goals and two assists in 36 games in 2023.

Gangwon tried to recruit Ryu Jae-moon, whose contract with Jeonbuk expired, but eventually moved to Seoul, bringing in a good midfielder named Kim Kang-guk to take a breather at a time when it became urgent to strengthen the midfield.