4 January 2024

“This is my nickname”… Tottenham’s guardian god, Vicario’s phone lock screen revealed

By pestfood.com

Vicario showed his lock screen.

Sports Bible, a sports media outlet, reported on the 4th (Korea time), “Tottenham goalkeeper Guglielmo Vicario surprised fans by releasing the contents of the mobile phone lock screen through a new video.”

Vicario was hired as Tottenham’s No. 1 goalkeeper with long-time starting goalkeeper and captain Hugo Lloris remaining a surplus resource. Vicario impressed the crowd with his outstanding ability to defend himself and his willingness to break the flow of the attack beyond his line.

Vicario has the highest percentage of saves in the Premier League while recording five clean sheets so far. He is also playing a crucial role in Tottenham’s new way of playing, building up from the back, running out and deterring counterattacks.

Vicario appeared on Tottenham’s latest social media video and challenged players to show the contents of the phone’s lock screen. Vicario revealed that the lock screen of his phone is an image of Venom, a cartoon character from Marvel Comics.

Venom is an alien symbiosis appearing in the Spider-Man series, and he has to bond with a human host (originally Spider-Man himself) to survive. Asked why he chose the villain in the cartoon as his mobile phone lock screen, Vicario replied, “I set Venom every time.” 헤라카지노

The real reason Vicario chose Venom can be found in his goalkeeper’s nickname, which he gained while playing in Italy. While signing with Tottenham, he said, “It’s a nickname given by two people from DAZN, a broadcaster in Italy. They told me, ‘When you play, you get angry sometimes, and when you get angry, you feel like Venom.’ And Venom starts with V, and Vicario starts with V.”

Vicario added, “I scream, too. My expression can change at the big moments of the game. I hope this doesn’t happen often at Tottenham. It’s because we have good players in our team and I trust them.”