30 December 2023

Will the ‘Great Transfer of All Time’ finally be made… Real Mbappe Recruitment, Bonus alone 190 billion won

By pestfood.com

Real Madrid, a Spanish professional soccer team, is seeking to recruit Kylian Mbappe (Saint-Germain) again. The Signing Bonus alone is worth 130 million euros. However, the team is adamant that it will not be dragged around any longer unless the players show a firm stance on the move.

Spain’s Marca said on Thursday (Korea time) that Real Madrid will contact Mbappe next week. This is a process to confirm whether Mbappe is willing to sign a contract with Real Madrid. “We will no longer accept ambiguous answers,” he said. “Real Madrid and Mbappe already agreed to discuss it in early January a few months ago.”

The contract between Mbappe and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) will expire in June next year. Under the rules, Mbappe can now openly engage in transfer negotiations with a new club. There is a precedent in which Real Madrid already confirmed the recruitment of David Alaba, who was about to expire at the time of Bayern Munich three years ago, and signed the contract as soon as Alaba’s contract with Bayern Munich was over.

According to reports, Real Madrid plans to sign a contract with Mbappe as soon as possible. In particular, since recruitment was canceled last summer due to the player’s refusal just before Mbappe’s recruitment, the team plans to engage in negotiations with a firm stance this time.

Local media explain that conditions such as the signing bonus and annual salary will not be different from the previous negotiations. First of all, the annual salary is 26 million euros, and the signing bonus is 130 million euros. Real Madrid will guarantee the players a huge signing bonus as there will be no transfer fee between the clubs if Mbappe moves after completing his contract with PSG.

However, Marca said, “We are not considering raising it. This is in line with Real Madrid’s salary structure, and we have taken careful consideration to prevent complaints from occurring within the club,” adding, “Of course, as he is the best player in the world, he will be the highest salary in the team, but he has no plan to pay more than the originally planned salary. PSG is in a position not to compete with the astronomical salary that Mbappe will be newly guaranteed.”

He has been pushing for Mbappe recruitment for a long time, but he is taking a firm stance this time because there is a precedent in which recruitment was already canceled due to the player’s refusal just before the contract. This is the background of the prospect that Real Madrid will completely withdraw from the Mbappe recruitment campaign in the future if it does not convey a clear contract intention and sticks to an ambiguous position in this contact. 월카지노

Marca said, “Real Madrid will not want to repeat its unpleasant experience. If doubts begin to arise about Mbappe’s contract, Real Madrid will regard Mbappe as giving up playing for the club. There is also an opinion within the club that Mbappe is not as urgent and urgent as it was in May last year.” Even if Mbappe is not recruited, local explanations are that there is no need to focus only on recruiting Mbappe, such as the possibility of developing endrick in the long term, as well as Jude Bellingham, who has exploded his potential, as well as Vinicius Junior and Hodrigu, as well as the possibility of recruiting Erling Holan (Manchester City).