30 December 2023

“If you go to the finals in Korea, you can’t play 6 games.” “SON going to the 亞 Cup, Tottenham fans are worried.”

By pestfood.com

“Captain Son Heung-min will miss up to six games at Tottenham because of the Asian Cup that opens in January.”

While Tottenham fans are concerned about January’s performance without “captain” Son Heung-min, a series of local media in the UK are predicting Son Heung-min’s absence.

The British daily Metro reported on the 30th (Korea time) that Tottenham could have to play up to four matches without Son due to the Asian Cup in January. Son will join the Korean national team Clinsman after a home game against Bournemouth at 11 p.m. on the 31st, the last match of this year. He will meet with teammates at a training camp in Abu Dhabi on the 2nd of next year.

Metro said, “South Korea, led by head coach Jürgen Klinsmann, will face Bahrain on the 15th, Jordan on the 30th, and Malaysia on the 25th in the Asian Cup group qualifying round. Depending on the group stage ranking, the round of 16 will be played on January 30 or 31, the quarterfinals will be held from February 2-3, the semifinals will be held from February 6-7, and the final will be held at Lusail Stadium in Qatar on February 10.” He added, “If Korea remains until the end of the tournament, Son Heung-min will miss six games of Tottenham in both the Premier League and the FA Cup.”

“After the match against Bournemouth, which is the last game of the new year, Tottenham will play the third round of the FA Cup on Jan. 5 against Burnley under manager Bang Sang-Kompany, and if they win, they will play the fourth round on Jan. 27. In the Asian Cup league, there are Manchester United away games on Jan. 14, Brentford home games on Jan. 31, Everton away on Feb. 3, and Brighton home games on Feb. 10. Son Heung-min cannot play in up to four matches in the league and up to two matches in the FA Cup,” he pointed out. 헤라카지노

There are a lot of concerns about the absence of Captain Son Heung-min, who has scored 11 goals in 19 league games between one-top and left wingers, and is a mental supporter and key player of Tottenham both on and off the ground. With Tottenham being hit by a 2-4 loss to Brighton on the 29th after its first three consecutive wins in the league, the scene shows how great Son Heung-min’s presence is in Tottenham and the league.