22 December 2023

After going back and forth from injury to return… Eventually, he decided to perform hamstring surgery, was out for up to four months

By pestfood.com

Reece James has decided to have hamstring surgery.

“Chelsea defender James is scheduled to undergo surgery in Finland due to a hamstring injury. James will be sidelined for at least three to four months due to surgery. He said he agreed during a recent checkup that surgery would be the best thing to do,” adding that James was scheduled to undergo hamstring surgery.

James’ hamstring injury was a chronic problem. Whenever he played, James broke through with explosive speed, sharp crosses, and aggressive participation in offense, making him the best fullback in the Premier League. However, James’ performance was limited to a few games, and James was nicknamed “free body.”

This season was no different. James was injured after a game against Liverpool at the beginning of the season and then again after returning. He recently returned to the team and started against Everton, but was replaced by Levi Colwill due to a hamstring injury during the first half.

After repeated injuries, James eventually seems to have decided to go through with the surgery. The Telegraph reported that sources close to James wanted to seek as much input and advice as possible until he underwent the procedure, even though it was the best practice. James, who has had repeated hamstring problems throughout his career, may hope that he will make a full recovery through surgery.

However, since he has decided to undergo surgery, James should consider missing the UEFA Euro 2024 next year. Although he still has time left until the tournament, it is true that it is difficult to participate in the tournament immediately after surgery and recovery. Even if he participates in the tournament, James will have to risk a recurrence of his injury, and there is a high possibility that he will not be able to play in 100% of his condition. 헤라카지노

For James himself, the nightmare of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar could be repeated. James was also sidelined due to injury last year when the Qatar World Cup took place. For this reason, some in the local community pointed out that James, who had to swallow his regret during the World Cup season, delayed his hamstring surgery in order to participate in the Euro.