20 December 2023

Japan’s total 236 saves, Yuki Matsui, San Diego-bound, Darvish-darvish-darvish-darvish-darvish-darvish

By pestfood.com

Yuki Matsui (28), who made 236 saves in the Japanese professional baseball league, is close to signing a multi-year contract with the San Diego Padres in the U.S. Major League Baseball.

MLB.COM reported on the 20th (Korea time) that the San Diego team has reached a multi-year contract with former Japanese national team player Yuki Matsui. Details of the contract have yet to be announced.

Yuki Matsui was a closing pitcher for the Rakuden Golden Eagles in Japan. He pitched in 501 games for 10 seasons and recorded 25 wins, 46 losses, 236 saves, and an ERA of 2.40. This season, he won two wins, three losses, 39 saves, and an ERA of 1.57. He achieved his sixth career save in a single season and 30 saves, winning the title of relief pitcher for the third time in his career.

Yuki Matsui has been a relief pitcher for most of his professional career. Excluding 17 starts during his debut season in 2014, his earned run average (ERA) will decrease to 2.10.

He was also selected as a member of the Japanese national team for the 2015 Premier 12 and the 2023 World Baseball Classic in 2017.

The maximum speed of four-seam fastballs is 154 kilometers per hour and 148 kilometers per hour on average. The strikeout rate is 31.9 percent. MLB.COM said that the walkout rate is relatively high at 10.9 percent, although the rate was as low as 5.9 percent this season. 랭크카지노

As left-hander Josh Hader, who made 33 saves this season, leaves as a free agent, Yuki Matsui is expected to fill the post.

If Yuki Matsui is officially announced to join, he will share the big league with Yu Darvish, who played with WBC.