20 December 2023

“I gave up on FA… Money has never been my goal, achieve my lifelong dream.” A happy pitcher to come to the Dodgers

By pestfood.com

Tyler Glasnow (30), who played for the Los Angeles Dodgers in his hometown team, did not need a free agent. When the Dodgers suggested an extension contract, he signed the contract without hesitation.

Glasnow said in a video interview with local media including the Associated Press on the 19th (Korea time), “Playing for the team I’ve dreamed of will be a wonderful experience. The Dodgers has been my favorite team and is a place I’ve always wanted to go. I’m really grateful to the Dodgers for their active efforts to recruit me and giving me high marks. Now I can go home. It’s the best scenario.”

Glasnow grew up in Santa Clara, California, about 32 miles from Dodger Stadium, the home of the Dodgers. The Dodgers are the “home team” for him. He debuted in the big league in 2016 after being drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates with the 152nd overall pick in the fifth round in the 2011 draft, and wore the Tampa Bay Rays uniform through a trade in July 2018.

His overall performance in the eight Major League seasons is 30 wins, 27 losses, 3.89 ⅔s, and 678 strikeouts. Although there has never been a regular inning season due to major or minor injuries every year, he boasts of strong pitching with 96.4 miles (155.1 kilometers) of four-seam fastballs at 203 centimeters tall. He pitched the most innings as an individual in 21 games this year, 10-7 losses, 3.53 strikeouts, and 162 strikeouts. It is also his first double-digit win.

The Dodgers, which acquired Shohei Ohtani, the biggest free agent, for 10 years and 700 million dollars, immediately brought Glasnow to the market to reinforce starting pitchers. It gave up prospective pitcher Ryan Pepiot and outfielder Johnny Deluca to Tampa Bay in a trade deal for Glasnow and outfielder Manuel Margot. The very next day, the Dodgers awarded Glasnow a five-year, 136.5 million-dollar extension. 월카지노

Glasnow, who originally planned to become a free agent after the end of next season, accepted the Dodgers’ offer without giving much thought. With a down payment of 10 million dollars, he will be paid 15 million dollars in 2024 and 30 million dollars in 2025-2027. If the team’s option of 30 million dollars is rejected in 2028, he has signed the contract on condition that he can exercise the option of 21.5 million dollars.