18 December 2023

“No Money” San Diego, which received 65 billion won in loans, seeks to trade “Gold Glove” Kim Ha-sung

By pestfood.com

It was reported that the San Diego Padres, who are suffering from financial problems, put Kim Ha-sung (28), who won the Golden Glove, on the trade list.

The Athletic of the U.S. said on the 17th (local time), “San Diego, which has entered the tightening finances, has classified infielders Kim Ha-sung and Jake Cronenworth (29) as subjects of trade.” San Diego received a loan worth $50 million (about 65 billion won) in September to solve short-term liquidity problems.

Such loans are interpreted as not being able to afford the massive 250 million dollars of last season’s payroll. San Diego is believed to have planned to carry out such a trade as it was trying to bring less than 200 million dollars of payrolls for the 2024 season.

San Diego invested a large amount of money in contracts with Xander Bogaerts and Manny Machado ahead of the opening of the 2023 season, spending $630 million (about 82.5 billion won) on contracts and giving Darvish Yu $108 million (about 140.8 billion won), but only exceeded 50 percent with 82 wins and 80 losses (0.506 win rate) overall for the season and received a report card that did not even advance to the postseason.

Under these circumstances, Kim Ha-sung, who is likely to enter the free agency market after the 2024 season, seems to be pushing for a trade. As Juan Soto and Trent Grisham, who were already high-paid, have been traded to the New York Yankees, the possibility of Kim Ha-sung’s trade is also being discussed.

Kim Ha-sung had a batting average of 0.260 (140 hits in 538 at-bats) with 17 homers, 60 RBIs, 84 runs scored, and 38 steals with an OPS (on-base plus slugging) of 0.749 this year. In addition, as he won the Gold Glove in the utility category of the National League in recognition of his defensive performance, he is expected to conduct a trade as he believes that San Diego will be able to secure sufficient amount of money. 랭크카지노

In particular, since Kim Ha-sung will be eligible as a free agent next year, it seems to have played a role in the judgment that it is better to put him out one step faster at this point.

As the situation unfolds like this, it is unclear whether Kim Ha-sung will play in the opening game of the regular season between San Diego and the Dodgers at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on March 21st and 22nd next year.