16 December 2023

“There was no better option than Lee Jung-hoo” President Zaidi’s big smile… Why SF gave Lee Jung-hoo “147.3 billion”

By pestfood.com

“There was no better option than Lee Jeonghoo”

The San Francisco Giants held a joining ceremony for Lee Jung-hoo at Oracle Park in San Francisco, California, on the 16th (Korea Standard Time).

Lee Jung-hoo, who announced his entry into the Major League after the end of last season, received hot attention from major league clubs and local media throughout this year. Although he was not able to play the full-time season due to surgery on his left ankle, this injury was not a major obstacle for Lee Jung-hoo. Scott Boras, the “Devil’s Agent,” revealed that half of the major league teams had been inquiring, and “New York Post” John Hayman also reported that 20 clubs were chasing Lee Jung-hoo.

The Major League this year is considered a “thirsty year” as there are not many players who can attract attention except Shohei Ohtani. However, this factor rather served as an advantage to Lee Jung-hoo. Due to the poor Major League market, players who will move from Asia to the U.S. drew the attention of local media and other clubs. Notably, big league teams have been busy to recruit Yoshinobu Yamamoto as well as Lee Jung-hoo. 랭크카지노

When Lee Jung-hoo announced his entry into the Major League, local media began to form contact points with the New York Yankees, the “Empire of Evil,” and drew attention from San Francisco, the San Diego Padres, the Toronto Blue Jays, the New York Mets, and the Chicago Cubs, who are in need of reinforcing outfielders. And he succeeded in signing a mega contract with San Francisco on the 13th.