16 December 2023

Lee Jung-hoo, the first thing I said at the SF press conference was

By pestfood.com

Lee Jung-hoo (25) introduced himself as an English comment at the San Francisco Giants’ joining ceremony.

San Francisco held a press conference on the 16th (Korea time) at Oracle Park, San Francisco’s home stadium, at 6 a.m. on the 16th (Korea time) for Lee Jung-hoo, a “man of $113 million.”

At the end of the 2023 season, Lee challenged himself to the Major League through a posting system (closed competitive bidding). San Francisco Giants general manager Pete Putila showed keen interest in Lee Jung-hoo, who gave him a standing ovation while watching the game during the 2023 season. In the end, the San Francisco Giants and Lee Jung-hoo agreed to a six-year total of $113 million.

As a result, Lee Jung-hoo broke a new record for posting money among Asian fielders. It surpassed Masataka Yoshida’s five-year posting money of 90 million dollars, Seiya Suzuki’s five-year posting money of 85 million dollars, and Kodai Senga’s five-year posting money of 75 million dollars. The deal is about three times the amount compared to 36 million dollars for six years, 28 million dollars for Kim Ha-sung’s four-year guarantee, and 39 million dollars for four plus one year.

San Francisco held a press conference on Tuesday for Lee Jung-hoo, who broke the record for posting money among Asian fielders. Lee Jung-hoo was located next to Zaidi President and his agent Scott Boras. Wearing a black suit and orange tie, the color of San Francisco’s team, Lee attended the press conference for joining the team. 월카지노

San Francisco even introduced Lee Jung-hoo’s family and treated him with respect. Lee Jung-hoo’s father, “Son of the Wind,” Lee Jong-beom, showed off his presence by attending the front row.

Lee Jung-hoo prepared an English introduction message suitable for the Major League Baseball joining ceremony. “Hello Giants, my name is (my name) Jung Hoo-ri (Lee Jung-hoo),” Lee said as his first message, perfectly informing the attendees of his presence.