16 December 2023

“Do you not want to go on an expedition?”…Barcelona’s core MF rumor → Agent “Strong response” Max No

By pestfood.com

When FC Barcelona recorded an unexpected defeat to Belgium’s Royal Antwerp in the UEFA Champions League, his agent got angry and said the news was fake news.

Barcelona met Antwerp on the 14th (Korea time) and lost 2-3. Despite the defeat, the group’s No. 1 ranking was confirmed and advanced to the round of 16, but it still showed an unstable performance. In addition, many fans and experts are criticizing the midfield, which seriously collapses when The Yong is missing.

In addition, there was news that Deoyong, who did not participate in the game, intentionally missed the game due to an ulterior motive.

According to “RAC1,” a local media outlet in Catalonia, Spain, he contacted Barcelona’s technical director Deku, saying he was sick, but Deku suspected Deku was trying to cheat.

According to “RAC1”, Deyong, Ilkay Gündᄃᅀᅳan, Roberto Lewandowski, and Ronald Araujo were all excluded from the Belgian expedition, but chairman Juan Laporta included the other three except Deyong. Later, just as he was about to leave for Belgium at the airport, Deku called Deyong and scolded him. 헤라카지노

Deku reportedly asked Deyong, “Did you confirm that the doctor was sick?” and Deyong responded, “It hurts.” The main content of the report was that Deku thought Deyong was making an excuse after the call and decided that he was making an excuse not to go to the away game.

His absence due to false reasons could deal a serious blow to his professionalism. His agent Ali Dursun also seemed to be well aware of this. British media Daily Mail reported on Saturday that the British media claimed that it was fake news that Dursun had been scheming.