11 December 2023

K League promotion PO Hero Suwon FC Lopez “Brazilian players don’t have to train?…wrong idea”

By pestfood.com

“If you come from Brazil and think you don’t need to train in Korea, you are very wrong.”

Lopez, the Brazilian foreign player who helped Suwon FC stay in the top flight of professional soccer, emphasized that the K League is a high-quality league and that players must do their best to survive. Lopez, who scored the game-winning goal in overtime of the second round of the promotion playoffs (PO) on Sept. 9 to help Suwon FC stay in the first division, said this in an interview after the game, pointing out that the K League is a league that requires a fast tempo and a high level of physical fitness.

Lopez has excelled in the K League before donning the Suwon FC jersey. He impressed with his explosive speed, dribbling, and scoring ability at Jeju United (2015) and Jeonbuk Hyundai (2016-2019). He then went on to play for Shanghai Haigang in the Chinese Super League (2020-2022), Jeff United in Japan’s J2 League (2022), and FC Vorskla Poltava in the Ukrainian Premier League (UPL) (2023) before returning to the K League in this summer’s transfer window. 보스토토 도메인

A proven loanee, Lopez hasn’t been able to produce in the league since his move due to injuries at his previous club. Some have criticized his lack of explosiveness. “I think I’ve heard enough of that,” Lopez said, “I’ve been away from Korea for four years, and I’ve had problems with injuries and conditioning.”

Lopez explained that it took him a while to adjust to the K League after playing a completely different style of soccer in another country’s league. “In Jeonbuk, I played as a wing forward and played high-tension soccer. For the next four years, I played as a center forward in other leagues. My movements were more static than before, and since I didn’t train as much as I did in Korea, my stamina dropped and I had problems with injuries.”

When asked to name the players who helped him adjust to Korea after a long absence, he mentioned Yoon Beom-garam, who he played with at Jeju, Choi Bo-kyung, and Lee Yong-woo, who he played with at Jeonbuk, but laughed, saying, “The secret is me.” He said he tried to integrate into the team quickly by attending meetings with the players, even though he didn’t understand all of their Korean.

Lopez was impressed with the quality of the Suwon FC players. “Their ability to handle the ball, their ability to run the game is excellent,” he said, adding, “I’ve been saying all season that they have too many veterans and not enough mobility, but I think they proved it today.”