7 December 2023

The ‘AG Gold Duo’ Uhm Won-sang and Seol Young-woo, and why Ulsan’s future is brighter after two straight losses

By pestfood.com

According to the MBTI (a psychological test based on preferences), Seol Young-woo (25) is a typical “E” (extrovert), while Uhm Won-sang (24) is an “I” (introvert). This is reflected in their acceptance speeches. Uhm Won-sang said, “I didn’t expect it at all,” while Seol Young-woo said, “I expected it to a certain extent,” and smiled mischievously. It’s a perfect match.

Seol Young-woo was born in 1998 and Uhm Won-sang was born in 1999, but their birthdays are only one month apart. Uhm Won-sang is the ‘fastest 99-year-old’ and they are best friends. Seol Young-woo and Uhm Won-sang are having an unforgettable year. Both were scheduled to enlist in the military after this season, but their paths changed at the Hangzhou Asian Games. They won a gold medal and were granted ‘special military service’. It was a spectacular finish. Ulsan won its second consecutive K League 1 title, and the pair were named to the Best 11 for the first time in their careers. Seol Young-woo was recognized as the best right fullback and Uhm Won-sang as the best right midfielder.

At the awards ceremony, they were the center of attention. Seol Young-woo’s “verbal feast” was particularly loud. He said, “I’m grateful to coach Hong Myung-bo, who demands a lot from me and always treats me as a ‘hillbilly,'” and threw in a ‘bone’ by saying, “I’m sorry to Gimcheon Managing Director Jung Jung-yong” for his military enlistment ‘falling through.’ He also made an ‘MVP pledge’. “It’s hard to say how long it will take. I think I can get it before I retire, and I want to get it.” He also said, “I’m even more proud to receive it with my friend Won Sang.”

Uhm Won-sang, on the other hand, was quiet but had something to say. He played a supporting role in his best friend’s ambition. “I’m not greedy for MVP. I’ll help Young-woo get it,” he laughed. He added, “I think Young-woo is more greedy for serving than for goals. If he reduces his greed, he can win the MVP.” He advised him. Looking at them, Hong is also proud. “It’s not easy to win MVP in that position. I don’t think it will be easy for Seol Young-woo,” he joked. 무지개토토

Seol had a “career-high” season this season, scoring three goals and four assists in 32 games. He also earned a call-up to the national team. Uhm Won-sang added four goals and four assists in 28 games despite the injury bug. Ulsan won all seven games in which the explosive speedster recorded an offensive point.

This is Ulsan. With Uhm Won-sang and Seol Young-woo, the future looks brighter for Ulsan, who have won two consecutive K League 1 titles.