30 November 2023

‘Be reasonable with that money!’ Bucheon, the lowest-paid team in the K League, has been a junior PO for two years in a row

By pestfood.com

“How did they do it with all that money?” is a common question. This is a reference to Bucheon FC 1995 in the K League 2 (2nd Division).

Bucheon has made the semi-finals of the K League 2 two years in a row (4th place in 2022 and 5th place in 2023), which is remarkable for a team with one of the lowest team salaries in both K League 1 and 2.

Bucheon failed to qualify for the playoffs despite a 0-0 away draw against Gyeongnam FC in the Hana OneQ K League 2 semi-finals at the Changwon Football Center in Gyeongnam on the 29th.

Bucheon drew but lost, as the playoff rules consider the lowest-ranked team to lose if they draw, let alone play away from home.

Last year, they also lost in the semi-playoffs, making it two consecutive years of semi-playoffs. However, it should be noted that Bucheon is one of the lowest paid teams in the K League.

In 2020, Bucheon spent 2.4 billion won on player salaries, ranking 19th out of 21 teams in the K League 1 and 2 (excluding commerce). It was a huge difference of more than 1 billion won from 18th-ranked FC Anyang’s 3.4 billion won.

In 2021, the amount dropped to 2.1 billion won, and they still ranked 19th out of 21 teams, only 20 million won behind 20th-ranked Chungnam Asan. 무지개토토 도메인

In 2022, when they were ranked 4th in K League 2, they spent 2.8 billion won, which was a lot of allowances because they won so much that they were ranked 4th, and they were 19th out of 22 teams because they had Gimpo FC, who participated in K League 2 for the first time.

Bucheon’s team salaries over the past three years

2020: 2.4 billion won – 19th out of 21 teams
2021: 2.1 billion won – 19th out of 21 teams
2022: 2.8 billion won – 19th out of 22 teams
*Kim Jin-soo’s salary in 2022 was 14.7 billion won, and Jerso’s salary was 17 billion won.