13 November 2023

Suwon fans cry again, ‘miracle’ of a 10-man team → Tears of joy… A victory song sung at the top of their lungs

By pestfood.com

Suwon Samsung fans shed hot tears. They were tears of joy, not sadness.
Suwon, pushed to the brink, secured a precious victory. It was a miraculous victory that was clutched tightly in their hands after overcoming various adverse circumstances. It was an upset victory with only 10 players, in a situation where losing even one game would actually make it difficult to stay in the competition, and an unfavorable away match.

Suwon won 3-2 in the 36th round away match against Suwon FC at Suwon Sports Complex on December 12. After being down 0-1, the team’s strikers Acosti and Ahn Byung-joon scored back-to-back goals to tie the game at 2-2, and “super rookie” Kim Joo-chan scored a golden goal in the 33rd minute. After Suwon midfielder Kazuki was sent off for an unnecessary nervous breakdown just 14 minutes into the match, nothing could deter Suwon’s determination to stay in the game.

After the unbelievable victory, Suwon’s acting head coach Yi Ki-hoon roared, and Suwon players gathered together to share the joy of victory.

Suwon fans were also in tears. A female fan was seen on the broadcast screen crying a storm of tears after Suwon’s victory. Even after the game was over, she stayed in her seat and sang a cheer while holding a Suwon muffler with tears streaming down her face. It was a victory song.

This is not the first time Suwon fans have shed tears. On July 15, when the last-place Suwon beat the first-place Ulsan Hyundai 3-1 at home, the team was in a never-ending slump. They hadn’t won in nine games (four draws and five losses) before meeting Ulsan. They hadn’t won any of their 11 home games up to that point. Despite the circumstances, Suwon pulled off the upset, beating Ulsan.

Many Suwon fans celebrated their first home victory with tears in their eyes and cheered on their players’ fighting spirit.

Suwon fans are always passionate and enthusiastic. The parasol support at Suwon home games is always amazing to watch.

The players are grateful for the support. Recently, Suwon players wrote handwritten letters to their fans, expressing their desire to stay in the league. 보스토토 도메인
Suwon veteran Kim Bo-kyung said, “The thing that surprised me the most about Suwon was the fans’ passionate support and love for the team. This year, I was disappointed that I didn’t meet their expectations, but I know their support and hope, so I will never give up until the end. As a Suwon Samsung player, I apologize and thank you,” he wrote.

Kim Joo-chan, the ‘final goal hero’ against Suwon FC, said, “Suwon fans support me more passionately than any other team, so my attitude has always been the same from the moment I first joined the team. I apologize for not being able to give you many smiles. The coaching staff, support staff, and players in the club will never give up with one heart and one mind,” he promised.