9 November 2023

An 85-year-old grandmother who lost three children says “the bike ride to collect donations was comforting”

By pestfood.com

An 85-year-old grandmother got back on her bike. After losing three of her children. In her grief, she hopped on her bike and rode across Scotland, raising money for cancer patients and inspiring many others. “For Mavis Peterson, cycling has become more than a habit,” CNN recently reported, “it’s her reason for living, her reason for being.”

Peterson lost three children between 2012 and 2016. He got back on his favorite bike in 1991 to treat arthritis in his knees. In May, he rode 1,000 miles (about 1,600 kilometers) across Scotland. “If I didn’t have a bike, I wouldn’t want to live,” Peterson said. “It’s unbelievable to lose your whole family,” Peterson said, “I couldn’t imagine it. Everything that was mine is gone.” Her husband also passed away in 1996.

Cycling was a way for her to cope with her loss. She rode 50 miles a day, and as her racing became known, crowds welcomed and cheered her everywhere she went. He also had the pleasure of meeting his grandchildren. He encountered undulating terrain, roads exposed to the elements, and unpredictable weather. “I ride a regular bike and I’m older, so I’m always careful because I could fall off,” Peterson said, adding, “I’m just a happy cyclist.” “People ask me why I’m so strong, and I don’t know,” Peterson said, “I just have a bike and great friends.” “I just have a bike and great friends,” he said. “I wanted to do it myself,” Peterson recalled, “I didn’t want to have to get off the bike.” “I didn’t feel alone,” Peterson says, adding that he “joked with the bike.”

He raised £70,000 (about $112.6 million) on his ride around Scotland. His initial goal was £30,000. “I was surprised at how generous people were,” Peterson said, “and I’m so happy to give back.” In 2019, Peterson ran 6000 miles (9700 kilometers) in the United Kingdom. She was the oldest woman ever to do so. She collected donations for each run and received awards from various organizations. 보스토토 도메인

“At my age, you can’t do something without training. I don’t feel old because I train hard. “Some people think, ‘If my grandmother can do it, I can do it,’ and some people are a little depressed and think, ‘I shouldn’t be doing this. Look at me, poor me. I lost all my children, and then I started cycling and other people started cycling. If I’ve been an inspiration, that’s enough.”

It’s a life lesson from a grandmother who hasn’t gotten weaker, older, or more selfish in the face of so much sadness.