8 November 2023

‘155km’ But Foul-Foul-Foul-Foul-Balk-2B, Why the Strongest Finishers Hang Their Head in Shame

By pestfood.com

LG Twins closer Woo-seok Ko took the loss in his first Korean Series start. LG, which is trying to win its first Korean Series title in 29 years, suffered an upset in a crucial Game 1. The stakes are high for the rest of the series.

Game 1 of the Korean Series between KT and LG at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on July 7.

The two teams traded runs in the top of the first and bottom of the first innings with back-to-back defensive errors. KT took the lead in the first inning when Kim Sang-soo singled, stole second, and reached third on a throwing error by catcher Park Dong-won. LG tied the game in the bottom of the first on a throwing error by second baseman Park Kyung-soo with runners on first and third, and then took a 2-1 lead on a sacrifice fly by Moon Bo-kyung with one out.

In the fourth inning, KT put runners on first and second with back-to-back walks, and Jang Jang-woo tied the game at 2-2 with an RBI single. From then on, a tense pitching battle ensued and the balance remained unchanged.

In the top of the ninth inning, with the score tied at 2-2, LG closer Go Woo-seok took the mound. He faced the first batter, Park Byung-ho, and after two 154-kilometer fastballs turned into back-to-back foul balls, he used his third and fourth cutter (147 kilometers) to get a groundout to shortstop. Jang Jang-woo also saw two fastballs become balls. He used a cutter for a two-pitch, two-strike count and a 153-mph fastball to get a fly out to left field.

He threw a 155-mph fastball up to the plate, but it was shaky and he worked a full count. It was unfortunate that he walked on nine pitches. With two on and one out, he threw a six-pitch 133-kilometer curveball to Moon Sang-chul, who hit it over the top of the left field fence for a long ball. KT’s first baseman rounded third base and came home to make it 3-2.

In the bottom of the ninth, LG failed to tie the game, and that would be the final score, with Go Woo-seok taking the loss. In 44 games this season, Ko has a 3-8 record with 15 saves and a 3.68 ERA. In 44 innings pitched, he struck out 59 and walked 22. His eight losses are the most among LG pitchers. Starter Kelly has the second-most with seven. In preparation for the series, Yeom said, “Go Woo-seok has eight losses in the season. I thought, “He won’t lose any more,” but I was wrong. 토토사이트

Go threw 17 fastballs on the day, topping out at 155 mph, with nine balls and eight strikes. Of the strikes, five were foul balls. His 155 mph fastball was so dominant that he had fewer swings and misses. Threw 1 inning, 30 pitches, 1 hit, 1 walk, and 1 run.

Against his assigned pitcher, he threw a full count of 154-152-153 mph fastballs, all of which were fouls. The last pitch, a 153-kilometer fastball, became a ball and was fouled off. Threw four straight fastballs for strikes on a full count, but couldn’t get a swinging strike.