29 October 2023

“Why are they running the game like this?” 1st set of Roadworks-IBK chaos, set over, set not over…what the hell is going on?

By pestfood.com

It was chaotic.

The Dodram 2023-24 V-League Women’s First Round match between IBK and Korea Expressway Corporation at Gimcheon Indoor Stadium on Nov. 28. The match ended in a 3-2 victory for IBK. After dropping the first and second sets, the team bounced back to take the third, fourth, and fifth sets to end their three-game losing streak and earn their first win of the season.

However, apart from the win, there was a messy situation at the end of the first set.

Here’s what happened. In the first set, Roadworks was ahead 24-22. Kim Se-bin of DOT tried to attack, and IBK setter Ponpun Gedpard (registered name Ponpun) was in front of him. The assistant referee called an over net for Ponpun. IBK head coach Kim Ho-cheol then requested a video review. Kim Se-bin made a net touch.

According to the review, it was a no-touch. Ponpun’s overnet ended the first set. The road construction company changed the court. However, the IBK players and coach Kim Ho-cheol did not go to the opposite court. They protested to the referee. “The ball didn’t hit our player’s arm, and it wasn’t an over net. Watch the video again,” Kim said. A replay was called.

The referee said that regardless of overnets or net touches, the ball landed inside, so the road construction company’s point counted. IBK said, “If we didn’t blow, we would have played normally. See if the ball landed inside.” If it didn’t, we continued to play. If it hadn’t been blown, the play would have continued as it was, and the ball would have fallen out of play without the pawnbroker’s touch, meaning that Kim Se-bin was guilty of the offense.

The referees, including assistant referee Kwon Dae-jin, match commissioner Lee Myung-hee, and referee Lee Joo-pil, reviewed the video. After consultation, they overturned the result. They ordered the road construction company to go back to the court. The set that was supposed to be over was not over.

Coach Kim Jong-min said, “Why are you doing this when you’ve already signaled the end of the set?” as they went back. He expressed his disappointment with the untidy game management.

Coach Kim Jong-min then requested an additional video review. In the end, the video review confirmed that Kim Se-bin’s shot hit Ponpun’s hand, and the first set ended with Roadworks scoring.

“It wasn’t smooth, but the call wasn’t wrong,” said Kim Se-jin, KOVO’s Head of Game Operations.

Although the game was over, it was clear that it was not a smooth game. When the roadworker returned to the bench used in the first set, he was booed by the 1,930 fans at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium. Regardless of whether they won or lost, it was a disappointing game.토스카지노 도메인

Coach Kim Jong-min said after the game, “It was definitely a touchout, and you can see it all in one video. It’s a pity that it was delayed for a long time. It’s a pity that it was delayed for a long time. We didn’t capitalize on the play. It’s a pity that we don’t see what we can see.”

Director Kim Ho-cheol said, “From our point of view, we could have protested. However, we apologize to the fans for prolonging the protest.”

Distrust of refereeing has been growing since the beginning of the season. In the KB Insurance vs OK Financial Group match on the 24th, Oh Dok came out and suspended referee Lee Kwang-hoon, match commissioner Seo Nam-won (2 games), and assistant referee Song In-seok (1 game).

Fans want a cleaner game.