29 October 2023

Different stocks, but…”Does this go in?”

By pestfood.com

In sports, nothing is impossible.

That’s what they say about scenes like this.

Last night, German Bundesliga, fantasy goal from 50 meters out “I can’t believe it!” Kim Min-jae ran over to congratulate him. Is this in?

Yesterday, a one-handed three-point shot like Doncic’s “circus shot” hook shot in the NBA Does this count?짱구카지노 도메인

KLPGA Ladies Classic Yesterday, 3rd round, Sung Yoo-jin’s second shot on the 18th hole “Is it in?” “It’s in.” “Sung Yoo-jin, dunk. Eagle.” Duksil herself, “Does this make sense?”

KLPGA Ladies Classic Yesterday, on the 4th hole of the 3rd round, Hanjin Sung’s second shot de-gurgled, and it went in. “Ohhhh, hey!” one moment ice, the next “I get it.” A cute little greeting.