25 October 2023

“Otani, you feel comfortable at Angels…” Then why would you leave? For $500 million? NO

By pestfood.com

“Ohtani feels comfortable in this organization…”

Shohei Ohtani (29, free agent) doesn’t seem to have a lot of resistance to the Los Angeles Angels, at least not from the organization. MLB.com had the following to say about Ohtani on Friday as they outlined the Angels’ 2023-2024 offseason challenges.

So why is there a dominant LA Dodgers theory and why is Ohtani leaving the Angels? It doesn’t seem to be just about money. Sure, the Angels may not be able to offer Ohtani $500 million, but it’s the Angels’ chances of winning a World Series that’s on Ohtani’s mind.

As MLB.com notes, “Getting Ohtani back is a top priority for the organization, but his performance in 2024 and beyond is ultimately up to him. Ohtani feels comfortable with the organization, which is a positive, but the question is whether the Angels can be a consistent contender going forward.”

While it’s true that Ohtani favors the West, winning is what matters most. Ohtani hasn’t played in the postseason since making his major league debut in 2018. While it’s great that professional athletes are paid so much money, there’s a natural desire for fame.굿모닝토토

As MLB.com notes, “Ohtani wants to win, and that trait will keep the baseball world intrigued. It’s unclear at this point which team he’ll sign with, and his right elbow injury is a new concern, but he’ll be signing one of the biggest contracts in major league history.”

According to MLB.com, the Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Texas Rangers, and New York Yankees are the most likely destinations for Ohtani. He added that the Angels are also willing to stay.

If the Angels want to keep Ohtani, how will they show their sincerity, and will they be able to build the World Series-winning team that Ohtani wants? As MLB.com put it, “Are they willing to go over the luxury tax, what will they do to build a better team, how will they orient themselves, and how much will they spend? That remains to be seen this winter.” In any case, it seems like a lofty goal for the Angels.