22 October 2023

‘Franchise pitcher’ stolen 9 years ago… A 31-year-old hitman is here, preparing a ‘big gift’.

By pestfood.com

Fans have finally gotten the manager they’ve been clamoring for. What kind of gift does the club have in store?

The Lotte Giants announced the appointment of Kim Tae-hyung as their 21st manager on Tuesday. The contract is for three years and a total of 2.4 billion won ($600,000 down payment and $600,000 annual salary).

9 years ago. Lotte experienced a painful free agent outflow.

Franchise pitcher Jang Won-jun became eligible for free agency and left the team, signing with the Doosan Bears for a total of 8.4 billion won.

Since joining Lotte in 2004, Jang had made a name for himself as a steady, if unspectacular, pitcher. From 2008 to 2014 (with the exception of a stint in the 2012-2013 Police Baseball Organization), he collected double-digit wins every year.

For Doosan at the time, Jang was an “inaugural gift. Before the 2015 season, it was Kim Tae-hyung who took the reins at Doosan. At the time, a Doosan official explained, “With a new manager, we felt that the starting pitching should be set in stone.”

Jang Won-jun gave the ‘rookie’ manager wings. In 2015, Jang went 12-12 and won three games in fall ball, leading Doosan to its first Korean Series title in 14 years, since 2001.

In 2016, Jang became a key part of Doosan’s “consolidation win” with 15 wins, and by 2017, he had eight consecutive seasons of double-digit wins. Doosan’s signing of Jang was the key that unlocked the door to a dynasty.

Lotte did not receive an invitation to the Fall League for six consecutive years. This season, they reached the top of the standings early in the season, but after the midway point, they lost more games than they won, and eventually settled for seventh place.온라인카지노

It was time for a change. Kim, who led Doosan to seven consecutive Korean Series appearances between 2015 and 2021, was touted as the right man for the job.

After having to give away their franchise star as a signing gift nine years ago, it was time for Lotte to consider a gift.

“There are a lot of attractive players among the young players,” Kim said of Lotte’s roster, but there’s a difference between a “prospect” and a guaranteed card.

There are no “mega free agents” this season. However, there are one or two players who can fill out the team’s power, such as bullpen pitchers and infielders.

At the same time, Jeon Jun-woo and Ahn Chi-hong have a lot of internal resources that are coveted by other teams. Jun-woo Jeon has been the mainstay of the team this season, hitting .321 with 17 home runs in 138 games, while An Chi-hong has been solid with .292 with eight home runs in 121 games.