21 October 2023

“Saving my life by centimeters” Liverpool DF ‘dizzy’ after being crushed by half-ton transmission tower

By pestfood.com

It could have been a horrific accident.

“Trent Alexander Arnold, 25, of Liverpool, was driving a Range Rover when a transmission tower was uprooted and fell onto his car on Friday,” The Sun reported on July 21. Only a few centimeters saved his life,” the report said.

Alexander Arnold was driving down a wet country road after a rain when he was confronted with the unexpected: a falling pylon. He swerved to avoid it. Thanks to his steering wheel, he avoided a major accident. Only the front of the car was slightly damaged.

Shaken, Alexander Arnold got out of the car and talked for a while to the driver of the BMW, who was in the same situation. The car behind him had also hit a fence while trying to avoid the pole.짱구카지노

“The accident happened on a country road near Knutsford, Cheshire, but miraculously the two escaped,” The Sun reported.

According to the outlet, a source said: “The wind was so strong that it knocked over a transmission pole. It’s a miracle no one was hurt. A few seconds later, the transmission tower would have gone through Alexander Arnold’s windshield. It was really dangerous.”