10 October 2023

Jung Kwan-jang, the spring volleyball of the daejeon that didn’t come to 1 point…this time!

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For Chung, last season was a disappointment. With 56 points, we missed the semi-playoffs by one point with the third-place Korea Expressway Corporation (60 points). The semi-playoffs were held only when the third and fourth place teams were within three points of each other, so we were disappointed that we couldn’t play spring volleyball as we had hoped.

Everyone felt the importance and urgency of every single point, so as we prepared for this season, we tightened our shoelaces with the promise of ‘no regrets’. In her second season at the helm of Jeonggwanjang, coach Ko Hee-jin hopes to showcase an even faster tempo. The previous summer’s KOVO Cup showed some promise. With the addition of two foreign players and the return of Lee So-young, the winter squad could be even stronger than the summer squad. Now, we want to show that speed consistently in the season. And hopefully, we’ll be ready for the spring of Daejeon.

Introducing our foreign players
What can OH’s Giovanna and OP Megawatti bring to the table?
Giovanna Milana is a 6-foot-5 outside hitter who made her V-League debut in May when she was selected as the fourth pick in the foreign player tryouts. “I saw her on the field, and she had great receiving ability. I think she can play her role well enough, so I’m thinking of her as the No. 1 outside hitter.” There was a reason for this statement.

At the Asian Quarterfinal tryouts earlier in the day, Chung called out Indonesian international Giovana Milana. The 6-foot-5 apogee spiker has played in several leagues in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Ko Hee-jin traveled to the SEA GAMES in Cambodia in May to see Megawati in action. “After seeing him in action, I knew he was a good player,” he said. After watching Megawatti in practice, the officials said she was as good as any foreign player.

With Giovanna’s reliable reception and Megawatti’s offensive prowess, all eyes will be on Chungmu Gymnasium.

Key player Yeom Hye-sun
After becoming a free agent at the end of last season, Yeom Hye-sun chose to accompany Jung Kwan-jang with a total of 350 million won ($330,000 salary, $2,000 option), the highest deal for a setter in the women’s game. Coach Ko Hee-jin ordered “Faster!” this year. The most important position to play speed volleyball is arguably the setter.

During the off-season, she worked hard to keep up the tempo with her attackers, and after a somewhat disappointing performance in the first match of the KOVO Cup, which was a precursor to the season, she showed a lot of promise for the season. After the FIVB VNL 2023, she stayed with the team and had a lot more time to get to know her teammates.토토사이트

The veteran setter is now entering her 16th season. Her ups and downs in the middle of the season have left her disappointed, but it’s definitely time for her to be the centerpiece of the team. The fate of Jungkwanjang could be in her hands.

SWOT Analysis
Foreign players

  • Significant offensive power from ‘Megatron’ Megawattie.
  • Stable receiving line with Giovanna here
  • A passing grade for a foreign pick for half a season
    Sophomore setter Yum Hye-sun, is this the year?
  • Up-and-down play that has been disappointing each season
  • New team colors, key to speed volleyball
  • The offseason gave the team more time to gel, but what about this time?
    Young OHs are expected to step up
  • It’s time for them to show their skills
  • Park Hye-min, Lee Sun-woo, Kim Se-in, and rookie Kwak Sun-ok.
  • Who will be the first to make their mark in Lee So-young’s absence?
    When will Lee So-young return and what is the condition of the national team MB?
  • Lee So-young rehabbing after shoulder surgery
  • Predictions for a third-round return, young OHs to hold up in the meantime
  • The Park Eun-jin-Jung Ho-young duo has been working tirelessly during the off-season
  • Physical fitness is key