8 October 2023

‘I surpassed my goal tally from last season in eight games!’ Bundes’ suddenly prolific striker explodes for a hat-trick this time around

By pestfood.com

Sergio Giroud is taking the German Bundesliga by storm, and this time he completed a hat trick.

Stuttgart defeated Wolfsburg 3-1 in the eighth round of the 2023/24 German Bundesliga on Sunday at the MHP Arena in Stuttgart, Germany.

Serge Giroud started the match and scored a hat trick to lead his side to victory. With Stuttgart trailing 1-0 in the 22nd minute, Girassi converted a penalty kick he earned to level the score.

In the 33rd minute, he took a penetrating pass and finished past the opposing goalkeeper. In the 37th minute, he completed his hat-trick by collecting the ball inside the penalty box and fooling both the goalkeeper and defender.

No one saw it coming. Last season, the Bundesliga didn’t have a goalie to represent the league. Niklas Fühlkrug, the Bundesliga’s leading scorer, was the top goal scorer with 16 goals. Compared to the rest of the big leagues, that’s a pretty low number.

With Harry Kane’s move to Bayern Munich this season, it looked like he would easily win the top scorer title. In fact, Kane has eight goals in six Bundesliga games this season.

However, an unexpected player has emerged as a strong candidate for the title. With this hat trick, he has 13 goals in seven games. That’s an incredible scoring streak. It’s hard to make a direct comparison, but he’s scored a lot more goals this season than any other player in Europe’s big leagues.카지노사이트

English Premier League top scorer Elling Holland has eight goals in seven games, Spanish Primera Liga top scorer Jude Bellingham has eight goals in eight games, Serie A top scorer Lautaro Martinez has 10 goals in eight games, and French Ligue 1 top scorer Kylian Mbappe has seven goals in six games.

No player in Europe’s top five leagues has scored more goals than Giroud. What’s more, Giroud has already surpassed his goal total from last season with less than half the league played. He scored a total of 12 goals in the Bundesliga last season.

Thanks to Girasci’s strong play, Stuttgart is currently in first place in the Bundesliga with 18 points. If he continues to perform like this until the end of the season, a move to a bigger club than Stuttgart would not be out of the question, let alone a top scorer.