8 October 2023

“Director is prohibited from acting alone” Shocking revelation in the U.S., the front office that brought in Ryu Hyun-jin messed up the pitcher replacement… 107.9 billion won left-hander ‘leave’

By pestfood.com

“Toronto executives have decided that, heaven forbid, head coach John Schneider should act alone…”

The Athletic made a shocking revelation on Sunday. The front office, not manager John Schneider, was responsible for the Toronto Blue Jays’ failure to change the starting pitcher for Game 2 of the 2023 Major League Baseball American League Wild Card Series against the Minnesota Twins on May 5.

After Jose Berrios, who had been pitching well on the day, walked leadoff hitter Royce Lewis in the fourth inning, Toronto pulled Berrios and brought in left-hander Yusei Kikuchi to face left-hander Max Kepler. But Kikuchi gave up a hit to Kepler, a walk to Donovan Solano to load the bases, and a leadoff single to Carlos Correa. He got Willie Castro to fly out to center field, but gave up the go-ahead run.

Toronto’s season came to a screeching halt with the 0-2 loss. After losing Game 1 to ace Kevin Gausman, they dropped a must-win Game 2 by failing to change their starting pitching. Berrios pitched well, giving up one run on three hits with five strikeouts and one walk in three innings. In fact, he didn’t give up a run until the third inning.

After the game, the Toronto media was all over the botched pitching change, and even then, some suspected that it wasn’t Schneider’s decision. As The Athletic reported, the front office had lost a season’s worth of farming.

“Toronto management wanted Kikuchi against left-handed hitters because, heaven forbid, Schneider should act on his own,” The Athletic wrote. Never mind that the club gave Berrios a $131 million extension less than two years ago, and never mind that Berrios struck out five in three innings. It didn’t seem to matter who Berrios was or how he pitched.”

Of course, Toronto’s lethargic batting was a bigger issue, but if The Athletic’s report is true, it’s shocking. “The decision backfired, and the outcome was beside the point,” The Athletic wrote. In a sport full of random outcomes, even well-thought-out decisions can backfire. The decision wasn’t even the reason the team lost, but it’s clear from the players’ comments afterwards.”

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. said that “the team needed to make better decisions about everything.” Kevan Vizio said, “It was confusing because we didn’t do that all year.” “I think Berrios deserves to be trusted when it matters most,” said Bo Bisset.먹튀검증

The Athletic did not specify who directly gave the order to replace Berrios. President Mark Shapiro and head coach Tony Atkins are the most likely candidates. Outside of this game, there is no indication of how or to what extent the club intervened on the field. But whether it’s the East or the West, when the front office gets deeply involved in the field of play, the team usually implodes.

For Ryu, it’s unlikely he’ll have to stay on a team like this for much longer. He can sign a four-year, $80 million contract and leave the franchise in the history books. Already, American media outlets have been reporting that Ryu and Toronto are likely to part ways. Ryu should go to a team that needs a fourth or fifth starter.