2 October 2023

‘Domestic, not European’ this time… Klinsmann doesn’t care about public opinion, can he do it again?

By pestfood.com

Now it’s time to play the A-match at home. Jürgen Klinsmann will no longer be able to ignore public opinion.

The South Korean national soccer team, led by Klinsmann, unveiled its 24-man roster for the October A friendly on Tuesday. The team will convene at the Paju National Training Center at 2 p.m. on Sept. 9 and play two friendlies against Tunisia on Sept. 12 (8 p.m., Seoul World Cup Stadium) and Vietnam on Sept. 17 (8 p.m., Suwon World Cup Stadium).

Klinsmann is still at the bottom of the polls. Klinsmann, who succeeded Paulo Bento as South Korea’s coach, played A matches in South Korea in March and June. In total, he played four games, drawing two and losing two. After failing to win against Colombia (2-2 draw), Uruguay (1-2 loss), Peru (0-1 loss), and El Salvador (1-1 draw), Klinsmann’s team became more worried than excited.

One problem after another followed. Klinsmann, who had called for domestic dominance, traveled abroad instead of staying in Korea. He traveled to the United States, England, France, and other continents, but never came to Korea. He also participated in panel activities such as ESPN, a global media outlet, but his evaluation of Korean athletes playing overseas and domestically was at the same level.

My credibility plummeted as I gave one interview after another that didn’t make sense. “Aren’t you ignoring Korea?” some people said. Even after the team won their first two matches in September, a 0-0 draw against Wales and a 1-0 victory over Saudi Arabia, Klinsmann was not viewed favorably. He came to South Korea to observe the K League, but left the country after five days and appeared on ESPN to predict the Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool matches.토토사이트

Controversial matches against Wales and Saudi Arabia were held in Europe. Even if he was criticized in Korea, he was able to turn a blind eye in Europe. He came to Korea, but only watched two K League games before leaving again. Klinsmann’s only appearance was at the arrival press conference, where he met with reporters, not fans. This will be the first time he will face the domestic public opinion directly.

Tunisia and Vietnam are both quality opponents, but with the current squad, they should be beatable. If the team continues to perform poorly against Tunisia and Vietnam while being tainted by controversy and seemingly dismissive of South Korea, there is no telling how the public will react. It could be much worse than it is now.

I don’t expect Klinsmann to change, but he should at least show that he is aware of public opinion and is trying. If he doesn’t, and the team continues to play poorly, it will be hard to ignore.