29 September 2023

Hwang Jae-won believes in his ‘older brothers’ “If there is a fight against China, I will be in the front from the back (Seol Young-woo), and (Park) Jin-seob will be there for me”

By pestfood.com

“I’ll be in the back and in front.”

That’s what Hwang Jae-won (Daegu FC), a defender on the Asian Games men’s soccer team, said at a press conference at the Huanglong Sports Center Auxiliary Stadium in Hangzhou, China, on Monday. The story goes like this. After the round of 16 match against Kyrgyzstan, the focus was on quarterfinal opponent China. The Chinese play rough. They even had three injuries in their A-match trial in June.

They were also physical against Qatar in the Round of 16, so we have to be careful. But after the Kyrgyzstan game, another defender, Seol Young-woo, said, “I probably wouldn’t be at the back (if there was a fight). Instead, (Park) Jin-seob will send his brother to the front.” Hwang Jae-won then said, “I’ll go from the back to the front because Jin-seob is so supportive. He smiled and said, “I have a lot of older brothers who are very supportive.

The team traveled from Jinhua to Hangzhou on the 28th and held their first training session on the same day. The team is in full swing for the match against China. “We realize that it is China’s home ground and that they are not an easy team,” said Hwang Jae-won, “but rather than preparing specifically for China, we think that if we prepare as we have been doing, we can beat them with our abilities. We will do what we do without thinking about how they do it,” he emphasized.메이저사이트

There are many factors to consider. The Huanglong Sports Center is expected to be packed with Chinese spectators. The one-sided cheering of “chants” is also a factor to overcome. “They (the players) are talking to each other,” Hwang said. We’ve already experienced (China) in June. Football is a rough sport and we don’t get carried away. We prepare the same,” he said, adding, “Even in June, we didn’t experience much, but we did experience some ‘chaos’. It was annoying, but it’s something you have to get over. I expect more spectators than then,” he said calmly.

Hwang Jae-won is playing as a right flank defender. However, unlike his club team, he is a forward for the national team. “I play as a three-back in my club, so I have an aggressive tendency. In the first two or three games of the qualifiers, I played aggressively, but in the round of 16, I played defensively to prepare for counterattacks. I will try to show more offense.”