28 September 2023

‘Mistake? Rather good’…’Taking advantage of the first goal’ Baek Seung-ho’s steel mentality “Thanks to me, they regained their nerves”

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“I’m glad it was an opportunity for us to get back on our toes,” said Korea captain Hwang Sun-hong after conceding the first goal of the tournament with a mistake against Kyrgyzstan.

Hwang Sun-hong’s men’s football team cruised to a 5-1 victory over Kyrgyzstan in their men’s football round of 16 match at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games on Sunday (June 27) at the Jinhua Sports Center Stadium in Jinhua, China. The quarterfinalists will face China, who defeated Qatar 1-0 at the same time.

Despite the large scoreline, the game was not easy for the entire 90 minutes. The Koreans looked to be in control early in the first half with a penalty kick goal from Baek Seung-ho and another from Jung Woo-young, but they found themselves in a tough spot after Baek Seung-ho made a costly mistake midway through the first half and conceded a goal.

It was arguably the toughest game of the tournament as Kyrgyzstan, who looked like they were going to go down, fought back with strong forward pressure, causing the players to panic and allowing their two fastest strikers to break through, giving them a chance to shoot.

Fortunately, midway through the second half, goals from Jung Woo-young, Cho Young-wook, and Hong Hyun-seok gave the team a four-goal lead, but the team’s lack of concentration and vulnerability to counterattacks in this game will be a challenge for the next round.

“I think my mistake made the players nervous again,” Baek Seung-ho told reporters in the post-match mix zone.

“I don’t feel any pressure to take responsibility for the goal. Mistakes are part of soccer. If anything, my mistake made the players nervous again. I think it’s better that I made a mistake and not another player,” he said, explaining that it was for the best.

“In soccer, you’re going to make mistakes. I’m trying to shake it off quickly, and I’m really happy with the way the players responded in the second half, even though it cost us a goal. We’ll be ready for the next game.”

“Of course, I thought they would come out ready to counterattack, but I think I relaxed a little bit when we were a little loose. It’s a lesson learned,” he said.

“I think we need to play a little tighter even when we are winning 2-0 like today,” he said, adding that he will use this as a lesson and focus on the upcoming matches.토토사이트

Their quarterfinal opponents, China, are notorious for their rough play. The players will have to watch out for rough play as well. However, the biggest variable is the lack of a video assistant referee (VAR).

“Before the tournament, we were preparing for the lack of VAR and the possibility of facing China, so I think we should enjoy it rather than worry about it,” said Baek Seung-ho. “If we prepare well like we are doing now, and the opponent plays a little rough, we can take advantage of it and do better,” he added.

Baek Seung-ho, who is now the tournament’s top scorer with three goals, said, “I’m not greedy for goals. Today’s penalty kick was something the coach told me before the tournament, so I decided to take it. My free kick goal was also lucky. In the last game, I scored a goal because I had a chance, but I’m not greedy for goals.” “I just want Ryu to play well and win,” he said, adding that he cares more about the team’s performance than his own.