27 September 2023

Baseball, the toughest sport recognized by all-around athletes

By pestfood.com

Shohei Ohtani, 29, of the Los Angeles Angels, is considered the best player in baseball because he is not only a two-hitter, but the best at both.

However, there are quite a few true all-around sportsmen in the United States who have performed at the “top of their game” in two sports. The latest in the spotlight in American sports is Dion “Prime Time” Sanders, 56, the head football coach at the University of Colorado. He took over a team that went 1-11 a year ago, won its first two games in dramatic fashion, and is now 2-1 after losing to the University of Oregon on Sept. 23.

Sanders wore a football (NFL) and baseball (MLB) uniform on the same day in American sports history. On October 11, 1992, he played for the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons during the day and wore an Atlanta Braves uniform at night for Game 5 of the National League Championship. He was the first athlete to play football and baseball at the same time and travel by helicopter.

He played defensive back in football and outfielder in baseball. His feet were so fast that he could hit long balls to third base. In 1992, he played in 97 games and hit an MLB-high 14 triples. He is the only player in American sports history to play in the NFL’s highest honor, the Super Bowl, and the MLB World Series. He played 14 years in the NFL and nine years in MLB. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011.

There’s another player who outperformed Sanders. Bo Jackson, 60, is famous for his “Bo Knows” Nike commercials. He played around the same time as Sanders, but his career was cut short by injuries.

A product of Auburn University in Alabama (where NBA commentator Charles Barkley also attended), Jackson was a running back who won college football’s highest honor, the Heisman Trophy, in 1985. He was drafted No. 1 overall in the 1986 NFL Draft by the Los Angeles Raiders (now Las Vegas).

While Sanders is the only player to play in the Super Bowl and World Series, Jackson is the ultimate all-around sportsman, having been named to the Pro Bowl, an NFL All-Star, and the MLB All-Star. The All-Star Game is a stellar showcase of the season’s best players. Sanders was selected to the NFL’s Pro Bowl but not the MLB All-Star Game.

In the United States, college sports are divided into spring, summer, and winter seasons, allowing players to play two sports at the same time. South Korea is structurally a single season, making it essentially impossible.

Two-time NFL Super Bowl-winning Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway played two sports at Stanford University. NBA Hall of Famer and current Utah Jazz President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge also played basketball and baseball at Brigham Young University. Erweh was drafted by the New York Yankees and Earnest by the Toronto Blue Jays.

But baseball is the hardest sport for even the best athletes. Korean-American Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray (injured) played baseball and football at the University of Oklahoma. Drafted eighth overall by the Oakland Aces in the 2018 draft, Murray switched to football when Arizona selected him first overall in 2019.

After basketball emperor Michael Jordan briefly retired from the NBA following the death of his father, Murray spent two years in the Chicago White Sox minor leagues. But his batting average wasn’t great. A magazine previewing the NBA season listed Jordan’s strengths. The weakness was baseball.

On Aug. 25, FOX Sports baseball analyst turned commentator Derek Jeter, 49, interviewed defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, 28, at home at Arrowhead Stadium. Jeter is the captain of the five-time World Series champion Yankees, while Mahomes is the first player in NFL history to lead a team to two Super Bowls before the age of 27 and win MVP honors in both. They have something in common: winning and leadership.안전놀이터

Earlier in the day, FOX Sports released a photo of Mahomes visiting Yankee Stadium and meeting Jeter when he was 5 years old. Mahomes’ father, Pat, spent 11 years in the MLB as a major league bullpen pitcher. Patrick also played football and baseball at Texas Tech University.

Naturally, when Jeter asked Mahomes, “Which is harder?” after learning of his baseball connection, Mahomes said, “Hitting is so hard.” Jeter turned to the camera and said, “You heard Mahomes! Baseball is hard,” he said, jumping up and down and showing his baseball pride.

But even the best all-around athletes eventually choose to play football or basketball. Back in the day, USATODAY polled athletes to find out which sport was harder. “Hitting a ball over 155 kilometers with a bat and hitting a home run is the hardest,” came out on top. Second place went to hitting a ball straight with a driver.