18 September 2023

HanaWonQ’s triumphant debut, what to do for the rest of the year?

By pestfood.com

“Movement without the ball is important”

Bucheon Hana OneQ reorganized its roster in April 2022. Kim Do-wan, the former head coach of Samsung Life in Yongin, was appointed as head coach. He worked with the players with the goal of “renewing the atmosphere” and “instilling the basics”.

However, the 2022-2023 season was not a success. The team missed a lot of games at the beginning of the season. The early disappointment continued to the end. Hana OneQ finished the 2022-2023 season with 6 wins and 24 losses. This was one more win than in the 2021-2022 season.

Even though Hana One Q’s performance improved, the organization identified more challenges. The most necessary ones were addressed in April 2023. They acquired Kim Jong-un (180 cm, F) in free agency to take over the control tower.

After being active in the free agency market, Hana OneQ has a trio of Kim Jong-un, Shin Ji-hyun, and Yang In-young. The team debuted the new trio at the Woori Bank Park Shinja Cup 2023, held from August 26 to September 3.

The game was definitely different. However, Hana One Q’s results were no different than before. They only managed one win at the Park Shin-joo Cup. They didn’t even win a game against a domestic team.

After the tournament, coach Kim Do-wan said, “There are some things that were good and some things that were not good enough. To summarize, (Kim) Jung-eun, (Shin) Ji-hyun, and (Yang) In-young need to communicate with each other regularly. When to hand-off, when to go for the ball, when to go for the hand-off, etc. All three of them tried to create that order at the Park Shinjah Cup,” he said of his main resources.

Meanwhile, Kim Do-wan has been looking for a basketball that doesn’t stagnate from the 2022-2023 season. He instilled in his players the idea of constantly moving basketball even after the fast break, so he ordered the trio of Kim Jong-un, Shin Ji-hyun, and Yang In-young to move organically.

“We can’t catch them off the court, so we emphasized talking to each other. They talk a lot among themselves. In fact, if we can do that four or five times out of 10 plays, we’ve done a good job. If there are derivative options, then the basketball I want to play (not set up) will be achieved,” he said, emphasizing the importance of moving basketball.

However, after the Park Shinja Cup, Shin Ji-hyun (174 cm, G) and Yang In-young (184 cm, F) were called up to the national team. They will not be able to join the Hana OneQ players until after the Hangzhou Asian Games. The “Kim Jong-un-Shin Ji-hyun-Yang In-young” combination won’t be available again until October.

The remaining Kim and the younger players will have to set the mold. However, with so many injuries, it won’t be easy. Nevertheless, Kim emphasizes “ballless movement,” as he explains below.

“It’s not just about stopping the ball at the halfway line. Even after crossing the halfway line, you have to hit the ball into the opponent’s uncontested area. That way, you can keep them off-balance and create chances in uncontested areas. If you can do that, you can play organically without a specific pattern.
My older sisters, who have some experience, do that to some extent. But the younger ones don’t know what to do without screens, and when the opponent switches, they don’t know how to react. That’s something we need to work on. One move can create multiple options, so that’s what we give them as homework.”카지노사이트

Despite his concerns, Kim was not without hope. “The ball-less movements were implemented to some extent in the BNK and Toyota games,” Kim said. However, we decided that we shouldn’t stop at this stage. He wanted all Hana One Q players to “habitualize” the ball-less movement, and for all Hana One Q players to create “unconscious derivative options” within the habitualization.