15 September 2023

Suwon City Hall wins ‘3 in a row’ in the businessmen’s volleyball tournament

By pestfood.com

Suwon Special City Hall won its third title of the season, topping the women’s division of the 2023 Korea Unemployed Volleyball Federation President’s Cup for the second time in two years.

Led by head coach Kang Min-sik, the ‘unemployed volleyball powerhouse’ Suwon City Hall won the women’s final on the final day at the Danyang National Sports Center in Chungcheongbuk-do on the 13th, defeating Yangsan City Hall, which was led by Han Song-hee, 3-0 (25-13 25-18 25-17) thanks to the even performance of main players Kim Do-ah, Lee Yeon-jae, and Choi Yoon-i.

As a result, Suwon City Hall won the title with four wins from the preliminary league and won three titles this season after the Unemployed Volleyball Federation (June) and Unemployed Volleyball Danyang (July), revealing the prospect of the national championship in October.

Against Yangsan City Hall, who won 3-0 in the last match of the pool league on the 10th, Suwon City Hall shook the opponent’s defense with a targeted serve in the first set and won easily 25-13 with Choi Yoon-i leading the attack.

After dominating the opening set, Suwon kept things close in the second, taking a 10-6 lead on a block by Ha Hyo-rim and a kill by Choi Yoon-i after a fast break by Jung Jeong-ri.

Lee Yeon-jae and substitute Kim Bobin then added to the score, and after a series of opponent errors to widen the gap, Suwon added the set with a successful attack from the left side by Choi Yoon-yi.

With the victory in hand, Suwon City Hall started the third set in a similar fashion to the second, battling back and forth until an attack error by Yangsan City Hall’s Han Song-hee gave them a 12-9 lead after Lee Yeon-jae’s kill and Kim Do-ah intercepted Yang Yoo-kyung’s attack. Suwon City maintained a two- to three-point lead and went up 20-12 after Lee’s quick opener, Kim Hyun-ji’s fast attack and Kim Do-ah’s clever follow-up attack.

Yangsan City made a last stand with an attack from Han Song-hee, but Suwon City won set point with a center attack from Kim Bobin and a right-side open attack from Yoon Young-in to close out the match.

“The first game was very difficult for us because our bodies were heavy after returning from the Vietnam International, but we recovered as the game went on,” said Suwon City Head Coach Kang Min-sik. “We were able to win relatively easily because we shook their defense with our targeted serves from the beginning.”먹튀검증

Choi Yoon-i was named the tournament’s Most Valuable Player (MVP), Jung Yoo-ri won the offensive award, Yoo Yoo-yeon won the libero award, and coach Son Seok-beom won the coaching award.