12 September 2023

“Angels laughingstock, no reason to compromise on Ohtani future…” Dodgers expected to invest $600 million, but…

By pestfood.com

“The Angels have become a laughingstock. There is no reason to compromise Ohtani’s future to finalize something.”

DodgersWay, which specializes in the Los Angeles Dodgers, asked the Dodgers to take a cautious stance on the Shohei Ohtani (29, Los Angeles Angels) trade. Recently, Clutch Point analyzed the San Francisco Giants as the No. 1 team in the Ohtani bidding war, foreshadowing a heated rivalry between the Dodgers and Giants.

DodgersWay pointed out that it’s worth considering the history of Ohtani and the Angels in this situation. Ohtani was declared out for the season after pitching the first game of a doubleheader against the Cincinnati Reds on Aug. 24 with an ulnar collateral ligament injury in his right elbow, and he hasn’t pitched since Aug. 4 against the Oakland Athletics due to side pain.

However, the Angels are expected to have Ohtani back in the lineup on Wednesday against the Seattle Mariners. Manager Phil Nevin recently said that Ohtani wanted to play, but the club wouldn’t let him, and that he would make the final decision on when he would return. A week has passed with no injured listings and a ‘day-to-day’ status.

The team isn’t going to force him to play, but they’re also not declaring him out for the season. DodgersWay commented on the situation, “Ohtani has already played 135 games. He will be the MVP even if he steps off the field this season. His drive and motivation are admirable, but the Angels have become a laughingstock. There’s no reason for Ohtani to compromise his future to get something done.”

With the Angels effectively eliminated from the postseason, and the fact that Ohtani is going to be the MVP, there’s no reason to keep him in the lineup. While his side condition may have improved, Dodgersway pointed out that the risk to Ohtani’s health has increased anyway.

“Ohtani’s insistence on playing further raises concerns about his long-term health,” DodgersWay writes, “Why is he squeezing money out of a lost Angels season. What’s the point of this, he seems to be doing everything he can to undermine his value.메이저놀이터

Simply put, Ohtani’s behavior doesn’t make sense. Furthermore, the Dodgers have been making sensible and prudent investments lately, including recently signing Clayton Kershaw (LA Dodgers) to a one-year contract despite his health issues. DodgersWay isn’t saying the Dodgers shouldn’t make a move for Ohtani, but it’s important to note that this situation involving Ohtani and the Angels needs to be checked.

“The Dodgers’ view of Ohtani may not have changed, but they have to wonder why Ohtani is putting himself at risk for his health. The Dodgers are expected to invest $500 million to $600 million in Ohtani.”

Dodgersway has a point. There’s a reasonable suspicion that the Angels want to bring Ohtani back to the lineup at this point because it makes good business and marketing sense to have him play one more game. Even if Ohtani wanted to return to the lineup, the Angels would have to say no.