31 August 2023

Yesterday’s comrades are today’s enemies…Kim Ha Sung suffers upset loss to WBC combi Edmon

By pestfood.com

Yesterday’s comrade became today’s most formidable foe. It was none other than former WBC Keystone pairing Hyun Soo Edman who sent Kim home with a bang. Ha Sung Kim suffered an upset loss after playing well for two days in a row.

Reporter Oh Sun-min.


[Local report: Kim Ha-seong tries for a fastball and gets a hit with a curveball that misses].

< San Diego 4:5 St. Louis|USA Major League Baseball >

As much as Kim completed his multi-hit game in just two innings, it was this play that caught the attention of the local media.

Soto, a hard-hitting slugger with only one career sacrifice bunt, bunted from first base for the third straight day, a rare occurrence that showed how much faith the team had in their number one hitter.

Recognized as the “hottest hitter” by his teammates, Kim also played solid defense in the bottom of the fifth inning with three outs.

After diving for a tricky grounder and making a backhanded catch, he erased a hit with a dynamic throw to the plate, but it was Korean-American Edman, who was part of the keystone duo on the WBC team, who bowed his head in awe.

They batted first for their respective teams and share similar quick feet and defense, but the game was a toss-up between the two.

While Kim faltered late in the game, missing a scoring chance, Edman took one swing and stole the game.

With two outs in the bottom of the ninth with San Diego leading 4-3, he launched a two-run home run over the right field fence.메이저놀이터

It was San Diego’s second straight come-from-behind victory for Edman, who also came off the bench in yesterday’s game and hit a game-tying single in the 10th inning.