29 August 2023

San Diego makes a ‘custom helmet’ for Kim Ha Sung

By pestfood.com

Running with his helmet off was a trademark of Kim Ha-sung’s, but it’s unlikely to be seen again. Fearing injury to his ‘precious body’, the club prepared a customized helmet for him.

Reporter Choi Jong-hyuk.


It comes off whenever he runs after a hit, and his hair-flinging dances send fans into a frenzy.

Kim, who is one steal away from 30, kept his hands on his helmet out of habit when stealing bases and after his 17th home run.

The symbolism of Kim’s hustle play has led fans to create a “Kim Helmet Map,” and the team has added details to its Kim dolls.

[Kim Ha Sung/San Diego: The helmet is a little big, do we look alike?]

In fact, Kim confessed that the helmet didn’t fit perfectly, and he tried on all the helmets in the clubhouse, but he said it was because of the different head shapes between Koreans and Americans.

There was a reason why it was coming off so often.

Even in the head-first sliding comparison, the helmet is completely wrapped around Kim’s head in Korea.

It’s a sight to behold for big league fans, but the team couldn’t let it happen.

It could lead to injury.

[Ha-Sung Kim/San Diego: {How about the pads now, do you think it’s too much or do you think it’s a little…} This is a little too much, do you think this is a little too much?]

And finally, a custom helmet.

[Manny Machado/San Diego : Is this going to stay on my head? I don’t want the helmet to come off my head during the game, that’s the most important thing!]스포츠토토

With his new helmet on, Kim got off to a great start with a single in his first at-bat, and when he sprinted down the line for a sacrifice bunt, his helmet was still intact.