28 August 2023

The day before the national team list’press release’,’absurd advice’ to Kane… “Fully immerse yourself in Bavarian culture!”

By pestfood.com

 The Korean national soccer team’s September A-match roster will be released on the 28th.

This is an unusual list announcement. There is no one to announce the list, no one to explain the background of the list selection, and no place to announce the list. This list announcement is replaced by a ‘press release’. why? Because the national team coach is not in Korea.

Jurgen Klinsmann, coach of the Korean national team, is currently in the United States. He has no intention of coming to Korea for the time being. He is scheduled to join Europe, where A-match will be held in September. Since I am not in Korea, I thought there was no need to come to Korea to announce the national team list, so this exceptional situation occurred.

There seems to be no courtesy towards the Korean national team, Korean soccer, and Korean soccer fans. It seems that Korean soccer fans still don’t know why they are angry. They show no respect for Korean culture. It seems that they are not making any effort to adapt to Korean culture.

However, in this situation, on the 27th (Korean time), the day before the announcement of the list of press releases, director Klinsman conducted another interview abroad. And another story about Harry Kane (Bayern Munich). This time, he was interviewed through the UK’s ‘Mirror’. ‘Mirror’ described it as ‘exclusive reporting’.

This time, coach Klinsmann gave Kane advice to adapt well at Bayern Munich. Manager Klinsmann both played and coached Bayern Munich. He also played for Kane’s former team, Tottenham. It seems that his affection for Kane is enormous.

The core of director Klinsmann’s advice is German culture,

‘Mirror’ explained, “Coach Klinsmann advised Kane that he needed to completely immerse himself in the Bayern Munich culture.”

“I saw Harry’s interview,” Klinsmann said. “Everyone said that the only language that understands Kane is scoring goals. That’s absolutely right. That’s why Bayern Munich have played Kane.”

“Harry will adapt quickly because there is no language barrier. Director Thomas Tuchel and many of his colleagues speak English. You don’t need to learn German, but you should try to learn German at least a little. It will have a big impact because you can show respect with it,” he advised, learning German.

The advice didn’t stop there.

“Bayern Munich fans like their heroes to be humble,” Klinsmann said. Eating sausages would also be cool. Harry is British, so he’ll have no problem drinking beer.”

Lastly, I sincerely understood Kane, who left Tottenham due to the wounds of coach Klinsman’s unrelated job.

“It would have been difficult for Harry to leave Tottenham. I left Tottenham for the same reasons as Harry. I was happy at Tottenham, but there was no title. I felt that time was running out. The only trophy I had before was winning the UEFA Cup with Inter Milan. I decided to transfer for the sake of it.”

“Bayern Munich is a great club. Harry is one of the greatest players in the Premier League. Harry went to Bayern Munich in his prime. It’s perfect. Harry, who never won a title at Tottenham, will change at Bayern Munich.” I was sure스포츠토토

Director Klinsmann actively advised to adapt to German culture and Bayern Munich culture. What do Korean soccer fans think after hearing this statement? what emotions will arise