24 August 2023

Is Noh-Shihwan-Fedman an MVP candidate…2nd in WAR is a 31-year-old special ace, 3rd in WAR is a 24-year-old top second baseman.

By pestfood.com

Are Noh Si-hwan (Hanwha) and Eric Peddie (NC) the only MVPs?

The industry generally sees it as a two-horse race between Noh and Pedi. Noh is trying to win the triple crown of home runs, runs batted in, and RBIs, and Pedi is trying to become the first pitcher in 26 years to achieve a 20-1 ERA since Kim Hyun-wook in 1997. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

In fact, the two have been consistent throughout the season. Pedi’s pace has slowed down a bit recently, but that’s only because he’s been so inhuman. It’s likely that the two will eventually split at the end of the season. Noh’s participation in the Hangzhou Asian Games is the biggest variable.

But does that mean they should be the only ones in the spotlight? Not necessarily. There are other players who have had a slightly lesser impact, but who have been just as spectacular this year. If you’re in the top two or three in WAR according to baseball stats site Statiz, you’re in the MVP race.

The second-best WAR this season according to Statiz is not Peddy, but Doosan ace Raul Alcantara (31, 5.09). Alcantara is one of the few players with over 5 WAR this season. In 23 games, he’s 11-5 with a 2.23 ERA and 132 strikeouts in 145.1 innings. A .214 batting average with a .095 WHIP and 18 quality starts.

Choi ranked first in wins and WHIP, second in ERA, third in strikeouts, and fourth in innings pitched. His fastball was up to 156km on the 22nd against the Gocheok Doosan. Season average of 150.7 km per Statistiz. He focused on his splitter, and his slider, changeup, and curveball were just showing. In reality, he’s just as dominant as Pedi, and just as valuable to the team.

It’s just that he doesn’t have the same impact because he has fewer wins. Immediately after the game against Kiwoom on the 22nd, he said through the Doosan PR team, “I’m really happy that we won as a team rather than as individuals. I didn’t get a win in the last four games because I wasn’t good enough. I focused on pitching aggressively from the beginning of the game, and that was the main reason. Also, my changeup went low as I wanted it to.”

The third-ranked pitcher in WAR is surprisingly in the bottom of the league. Kim Hye-sung (24, 4.93). She is second in WAR behind Roh Si-hwan. This is because both offensive players contribute a lot to the team. In 114 games this season, she has 457 hits, 146 runs, .319 batting average, six home runs, 47 RBI, 85 runs scored, 22 stolen bases, and an OPS of .810.

He’s first in hits and runs scored, third in stolen bases, and sixth in batting average. Plus solid defense. He made a throwing error that allowed the game-winning run against Gocheok Doosan on the 23rd, but that doesn’t take away from his overall season and value. He’s not just the best second baseman in the league, he’s the best offensive player and center fielder in the league this season.

In fact, the fourth best WAR is the KBO’s top ace, Ahn Woo-jin (4.79). Ahn has been terribly unlucky this season, winning just eight games. However, his metrics are on par with Pedi’s, if not better. Looking at the primary and secondary stats, the gap between Pedi, Ahn, and Alcantara is not that big.스포츠토토

Inevitably, Kim Hye-sung and Ahn Woo-jin will be at a disadvantage in the MVP race due to their team performance. That said, Kim Hye-sung deserves to be considered for the Beast MVP. Alcantara is a case of being too underrated by Pedi. If anyone is going to upset the MVP race for the rest of the season, it will likely be Kim Hye-sung or Alcantara.