22 August 2023

Dawson says “thank you” correctly in Korean and is happy to get Na Sung-bum’s autograph.

By pestfood.com

“Thank you,” the foreign batsman said, pronouncing his thanks correctly, and Na patted him on the shoulder and wished him well for the rest of the season, before giving him a fist bump.

Just before the game, Dawson approached him with a ball in his hand and a smile on his face and asked for an autograph, which he readily obliged. After carefully signing each ball that Dawson handed him, Nae Sung-bum passed on his good wishes to the KBO junior, creating a heartwarming scene.

Kia and Kiwoom played a three-game series last week at Gwangju Kia Champions Field. The last game of the three-game series was on the 17th. Twenty minutes before the start of the game, Keum Dawson emerged from the first base dugout with a ball in his hand and headed to the KIA dugout at third base with an interpreter.

When he spotted Na, who was on the field for a pregame ceremony, he smiled like a child and greeted him politely. Na returned the favor. He quickly realized Dawson’s intentions when he held the ball in his hand. When Dawson asked for an autograph, he graciously accepted the ball and carefully signed it.

Dawson received the autographed ball with a happy expression, just like a child at a stadium getting an autograph from his favorite player. Dawson said “thank you” in Korean, expressing his gratitude to Na, who carefully signed the ball.

Na Sung-bum, a senior in the KBO and his older brother, gestured as if it was no big deal, and even wished him well for the rest of the season through his interpreter.스포츠토토

After receiving an autograph from his favorite player, Dawson returned to the dugout with a childlike expression on his face.