20 August 2023

Women’s volleyball’s ’27-game losing streak’ comes to an end at Asian Games

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After the myth of the Tokyo Olympics quarterfinals, South Korean women’s volleyball has been on a downward spiral. In the last two years, the team has gone 27-for-27 in national competitions. At the Asian Games, the team is determined to restore its honor.

Reporter Seok Min-hyuk went to the team’s training center.

They run around the court, weave in and out, and practice their quickness. They’re also taking spikes.

The women’s national volleyball team has lost all of its matches in the national competition, the Volleyball Nations League, in the last two years.

Their world ranking has also plummeted.

Kang So-hwi
“Whenever the losses piled up, I really, really wanted to cry and give up, but I think we found strength by looking at each other.”

It’s been pointed out that Coach Cesar is coaching a club team overseas, so he can’t focus on the national team.

Frequent roster changes have also been a factor in the team’s decline since the loss of Kim Yeon-kyung, Yang Hyo-jin, and other pillars of the national team.

“It depends on the players’ injury status and whether they can help the team tactically.”

Captain Park Jung-ah has a heavy burden on her shoulders.

Park Jung-ah / Captain
“I think it’s everyone’s goal to win a medal, and they want to achieve it.”

Still, there’s always a chance for an upset. The Asian Women’s Championships begin in 30 days in Thailand.

After that, there’s the Paris Olympic qualifiers and the highly anticipated Asian Games.

South Korean women’s volleyball is a powerhouse in Asia, having medaled in all but one of the previous Asian Games.스포츠토토

Restoring honor. There’s only one reason the team is sweating.

TV Chosun’s Seok Min-hyuk.