15 August 2023

“SON texted me to gather in a circle before the game,” ‘New Captain’ Son Heung-min’s efforts to create a ‘one-man team’ show signs of success

By pestfood.com

Tottenham’s new captain, Son Heung-min, 31, has been working hard to bring unity to the team and the fans, and it showed in the opening game.

One of the vice-captains, midfielder James Maddison, has spoken out. “On the night of the 12th, Son Heung-min sent me a text,” he said in an interview with British media outlet Football London. He said he was thinking of doing a circle in the middle of the stadium before kickoff for the fans,” he recalled. “The fans appreciated that we were showing that we were all together. They appreciated it as much as we appreciated that they stayed with us and supported us until the end.”

“It was a good idea from Son Heung-min. It got us off to a positive start. It just stopped the flow, and we had to wait 10 minutes because it lost a little bit of its value.”

Son Heung-min has been named captain of Tottenham this season. With the departure of goalkeeper Hugo Lloris and “ace” Harry Kane, Tottenham needed someone to anchor the squad, and Son, who has broken numerous records at Spurs over the past eight years, including being the top scorer in the English Premier League, was the obvious choice.

New head coach Enze Postecoglou has seen his impact on the team since preseason. “He’s already a leader in his country and has been an icon for a long time,” Postecoglou said. “He’s already a leader in his country, and he’s been an icon for a long time,” Postecoglou said, adding, “He has a lot of respect and recognition among his teammates.” He also gave a thumbs-up. Son is no stranger to the title of captain. He has worn the captain’s armband for the past six years, leading the South Korean A team.스포츠토토

Eventually, Son will wear the captain’s armband for the new season. As captain, he has been trying to create a “one team” on and off the field, including a pre-match ritual where the players stand in a circle with their shoulders together to show their commitment to victory. It makes them more combative, but it’s also a fan service. It also sends a message that Tottenham’s players aren’t so far off the mark.