15 August 2023

FC Seoul in 4th place, ‘4 points away from 9th place’, ‘consecutive runs conceded’ in the hot summer, defensive concerns are growing

By pestfood.com

Professional football K-League 1 FC Seoul is also in a precarious situation for 4th place. They were tied on points with Gwangju FC in 5th place and chased by 4 points with Daegu FC in 9th place.스포츠토토

Seoul lost 3-4 in an away game against Daejeon Hana Citizen in the 26th round of Hana 1 Q K League 1 held at Daejeon World Cup Stadium at 7:00 pm on the 13th. In the 41st minute of the second half when they were trailing 1-2, they conceded a goal, and Han Seung-kyu’s comeback goal gave them another goal in extra time to chase them down. Ilyuchenko scored another goal at the end of the game, so it was more regrettable that the goal was opened at the end of regular time.

It’s the last 6 games in a row. In the meantime, I fell into a slump with 1 win, 2 draws and 3 losses. Both Gangwon FC and Incheon United, which were in the lower ranks, conceded points, only 1 draw, 1 loss, and 1 point, and the leap to the upper ranks was shattered.

The conceding goal at the end of the game is even more painful. In the match against Daejeon, they gave up two goals at the end of the second half, but it is not just a problem on this day. In 26 games this season, 10 goals (9 games) were conceded after the 40th minute in the second half. Of course, there was one game where they scored again and won the theater, but in the rest, they drew a game to win and lost a game to draw. In particular, the 18th and 25th rounds against Pohang Steelers at home were a nightmare of déjà vu. In the second half of extra time, in a corner kick situation, Chang-rae Ha conceded all points, and 3 points became 1 point. These results will have an impact on the next game as well.

In the match against Daejeon, besides the two goals conceded at the end of the game, the two goals conceded in the first half were also disappointing. Thiago scored multiple goals in just 10 minutes. In the 31st minute of the first half, the ball fell due to Tiago’s control miss and went to Lee Han-beom. In a situation where I could handle it safely, I passed a non-stop pass rather complacently. However, the ball flowed to Daejeon Martha, who momentarily passed it to Thiago, who opened a space in the box. Thiago calmly split the top of the goal in a situation facing the goalkeeper.

In the 41st minute of the first half, Thiago neatly kicked the penalty kick he had earned. From Seoul’s point of view, the process of giving away a penalty kick was disappointing. Daejeon Jeon Byeong-gwan crosses from the right and Tiago rushes in, but Kim Joo-sung runs in late and touches Tiago’s foot. Thiago fell and the referee awarded a penalty after an on-field review.

It was a loss that Seoul could not have given away both times. The two young centre-backs lost their concentration momentarily. Kim Joo-seong debuted in 2019 and has experience in 69 K-League games, including Kim Cheon Sangmu. He has played in all games this season. Lee Han-beom, who debuted in 2021, played 50 K-League games. This season, excluding the injury period, he took part in 16 games and took the starting position. However, they are still young players in their early 20s, born in 2000 and 2002, respectively.

The two players are regarded as the future of Seoul for their excellent physical condition, speed, and build-up ability. However, there is no experience of digesting a full-time season as a starting player yet. As we enter the hot season, the defensive concentration is declining and the number of runs is increasing, but the two players continue to play without a break. This is why rotation seems necessary. Kwon Wan-gyu and Hwang Hyun-soo are waiting on the bench. At least, side defenders such as Kim Jin-ya, Park Soo-il, and Lee Tae-seok are running in turns.

After the Daejeon match, head coach Kim Jin-gyu said about the conceded points, “Rather than a problem with central defense, the tactics we wanted to use didn’t work. I expected that Daejeon would continue to create such a situation, but it is regrettable that we conceded,” he diagnosed as a problem with the entire defense.

Seven matches remain before the final round. If they continue to lose points, they will have no choice but to be challenged by the teams below the leaderboard. Also, if you miss one or two games, there is a possibility that you will fall into the Final B ranking. It is Seoul where concerns are growing.