10 August 2023

“It’s no longer a relationship” Tottenham’Three Highs and Seconds’ failed to recruit again… Barcelona MF selection goes to Saudi Arabia

By pestfood.com

 At this point, it’s not a ‘relationship’.

Barcelona’s Frank Kessie (27), whom Tottenham has challenged for the third time, is settling in Al-Hli, Saudi Arabia. On the 10th (Korean time), it was announced the recruitment of Kessie. His contract is for 3 years.스포츠토토

Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ reported on the same day that ‘the Saudi side agreed to pay a transfer fee of 10.8 million pounds (approximately 18 billion won) for the signing of Kessie, who Tottenham and Liverpool had their eyes on’. Kessie became the fifth player to sign for Al-Hli from Europe, following Riyad Mahrez, Roberto Firmino, Edouard Mendy and Alan Saint-Maximin.

Kessie was Antonio Conte’s first signing after taking over at Tottenham. At the time, he was a member of AC Milan, and he refused to renew his contract and decided to leave Serie A without a transfer fee.

However, Kessie’s choice was Barcelona. There was another twist. Adapting to the La Liga was not easy. Coach Conte looked for Kessie during the winter transfer window in January this year. The transfer fee was 13 million pounds (approximately 21.4 billion won).

But Casey once again refused. The transfer did not come through as he hoped to stay at Barcelona. Kessie made 28 appearances in La Liga last season, but made just seven starts.

Barcelona put Kessie on the market once again this summer. Tottenham jumped into the scouting battle once again. Italy’s prestigious Juventus also showed interest in Kessie.

Kessie said he would join Tottenham if he stayed in Europe, but his choice was to go to Saudi Arabia. Kessie, who boasts a vigorous activity in the midfield, boasts a strong defense, high pass accuracy, and excellent ballkeeping. Tottenham once again had a ‘bitter taste’.