10 August 2023

Costa Rica Jamboree members stayed near the Gocheok Dome and watched the Gocheok Raising-Rotte game

By pestfood.com

Members of the Costa Rica Jamboree team staying at Dongyang Mirae University’s dormitory near the Gocheok Dome watched the game between Kiwoom and Lotte.

On Tuesday, 65 members of the Costa Rican Jamboree watched the 10th game of the season between Kiwoom and Lotte at the Gocheok Dome.

The Costa Rican scouts, who traveled to Korea to participate in the Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree on the 1st, had to leave their campsite in Saemangeum early due to Typhoon Kanun heading north. They have since been staying in a dormitory at Dongyang Mirae University in Guro-gu.

Kiwoom provided the Costa Rican team with tickets for outfield seats, hoping that they would build meaningful memories through the experience of Korean sports culture.먹튀검증

The team also presented them with commemorative T-shirts, cheering tools, and souvenirs, and broadcast a welcome message on the pre-game loudspeaker.