9 August 2023

‘CB’s highest transfer fee at the time of recruitment’ Manchester United DF imminent transfer to West Ham for 50 billion… Agreement between clubs completed

By pestfood.com

West Ham United are close to signing Manchester United centre-back Harry Maguire.

Britain’s ‘Sky Sports’ said on the 9th (Korean time), “West Ham United has agreed in principle with Manchester United on the transfer of Maguire. We agreed to recruit him for £50 million.”

Reporter Fabricio Romano, who is well versed in European football news, also said, “West Ham United and Maguire have agreed in principle. The verbal agreement is the final stage, and the important structure of the deal is still under discussion, but the transfer fee has been agreed. Personal conditions. It will be discussed soon.”

Maguire, who started his youth career at Sheffield United, joined Old Trafford after going through Hull City and Leicester City. Maguire wore a Manchester United uniform in the summer of 2019, recording the highest transfer fee among all defenders at the time with an amount of 80 million pounds (about 130 billion won). Fortunately, there was no burden on the transfer fee. After the transfer, Maguire started every game and centered the team’s defense.

However, after the European Football Federation (UEFA) Euro 2020, the form declined sharply. Slow speed, which was pointed out as a weakness, often exposed the back space, and in the process of defending the opponent, he often used his hands and gave away penalty kicks (PK).

Eventually, after the appointment of manager Ten Hagh, he became a bench resource. As newly recruited Lisandro Martinez and Rafael Baran showed good performances, Maguire’s position was further reduced. Even if the period he missed due to a hamstring injury in the middle was combined, he only played 16 league games. Among them, only 8 games were selected.

He was even stripped of the captaincy. Maguire inherited the captain’s armband six months after transferring to Manchester United. There was a lot of controversy from the time of his appointment. This is because there is a sense of weight and star quality that Man Utd’s claim has. The player who was appointed as the captain from the past was the core of the team and a person who has recognized the culture of Manchester United for a long time. From Bobby Charlton in the past, Brian Robson (longest-ever captaincy, 1982-1994), Eric Cantona, Roy Keane, Gary Neville, Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic, Wayne Rooney, etc. wore the captain’s armband.

When Maguire inherited the captain’s armband six months after joining the team, a lot of criticism was poured out. However, Solskjaer believed in Maguire’s leadership. He was captain for the first season under Ralf Rangnick and Eric ten Haag after Solskjaer was sacked.

However, he was eventually stripped of his captaincy. First of all, the decrease in influence on the team is pointed out as the cause. Manchester United handed the captain’s armband to Bruno Fernandes after Maguire. Even Maguire failed to take the captain’s armband during pre-season matches without Bruno.

West Ham paid attention to the situation where the position was reduced. West Ham gained a huge amount of capital from the sale of Declan Rice. Accordingly, in order to strengthen the defense, Maguire was recruited. He has already handed over an offer once. West Ham offered £20m but Manchester United turned it down. Reporter Paul Hurst of the British ‘Times’ explained, “Man United want 35 million pounds (about 58.5 billion won).”먹튀검증

Eventually, a transfer agreement is expected to be reached for £30m. Reporter Romano explained that if Manchester United sells Maguire, there is a possibility of signing Jean-Claire Todibo, who is called ‘the second Baran’. He said on the 7th, “Man Utd has contacted us about the terms of Todibo’s contract. Since Maguire can only activate the recruitment after leaving the team, there is no official offer or dialogue yet.”