8 August 2023

‘Brutal injury replacement’ Ryu Hyun-jin ‘I had a four-inning no-hitter’

By pestfood.com

Ryu Hyun-jin was definitely better than his last comeback game.

He started off with three straight grounders in the first inning.

His changeup was a particular highlight.

In the second inning, he threw three consecutive changeups to Arias, all of which were swings and misses.

Ryu continued his three-inning perfect streak with a 146-mph fastball in the corner of the strike zone.

Jimenez’s at-bat in the fourth inning was disappointing.

He swallowed a bitter laugh when his fastball was ruled a ball…

“It was a fastball, my God. I told you the umpire wasn’t catching low pitches today.”

He ended up giving up the first run on a grounder to short.

The next batter, Ramirez, flied out to right field.

He faced one more batter in what should have been an inning-ending situation, where Gonzalez was hit in the leg by a pitch.

He promptly threw to first base to end the inning, but Ryu collapsed on the spot.

He was hit in the knee by a 157 kilometers per hour hard hit ball.

Coach Schneider and the trainer rushed to his aid, while his teammates watched anxiously.

The opposing crowd applauded as Ryu, who had been checking his condition through pain, finally stood up, and he was helped off the field by his manager.

“It’s amazing. To stand up like that is a good sign.”

While the extent of the injury was the initial concern, Toronto announced that it was a knee contusion, and the manager also praised Ryu’s subsequent play, suggesting that it was not a major injury.

[Schneider/Toronto manager]
“It was an unbelievable play to get an out after taking a hard hit to the knee. We’ll continue to monitor Ryu’s status.”

While it was disappointing, as he had pitched a no-hitter into the fourth inning with his revitalized velocity, Ryu escaped the worst of the injury.먹튀검증

Toronto extended its winning streak to four games with Biggio’s two-run shot in the final inning.

I’m Hoon Chil Jeon for MBC News.